Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries 1

Forever 21*Dress and Ring // Lulu’s*Purse // DSW*Sandals

This is basically my summer uniform- a lightweight dress in a fun color and a pair of cute sandals. I snagged this adorable cherry-print dress from Forever 21 for under $15. They had it in several different colors, but the yellow was my favorite. These pictures were taken last month when I was in California visiting my family. I had an early morning dentist appointment that morning, so I couldn’t be bothered to do more than put on this dress and head out the door!

How was your weekend? It was mostly quiet for me- I stayed in Friday and basically lay about (it was much too hot to really do anything else) and then on Saturday we had a birthday party for my roommate to celebrate his birthday.  His actual birthday is today, so Happy Birthday Kiet!


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  1. says

    That sunny yellow is such a pretty color for summer. I like that the dress has a cherry print without the usual cherry colors, as well as the blue ring you added as an accent. Sometimes simple is the best! :)