The Road to London: Olympics 2012

The Road to London Olympics 2012

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Are you guys as excited about the Olympics as I am?! I am a huge Olympics fan and I’m so looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremony on TV tonight. My friend is having a little Olympics kick-off gathering at her place, so I’ll be heading there later today.  I love the spirit of the games- the idea of bringing countries from all over the world together for a shared love of sports.

Some of my family is currently in London (jealous!) although they don’t have tickets to any events. Still, I imagine that London is all abuzz with excitement about the Olympics and I wish I could be there to experience it!

Tell me: Will you be watching the Olympics? If so, what are you favorite sports to watch?

  • I am excited about the opening ceremony as my friend is dancing in it! I can’t wait to watch the gymnastics and the swimming.

    • That’s so exciting that your friend danced in the opening ceremony! Which type of character did they play?

  • Gymnastics!!!! As an ex gymnast I appreciate the sport and the hard work and dedication it takes. I had a dream of being in the Olympics and being the next Dominique Dawes, but I had another calling…

    • I love gymnastics! I could definitely never do it myself, but I love to watch. Which event was your favorite when you were a gymnast?

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    i LOVE LOVE LOVE london! i lived there a while back! such a great city! so exciting to have the olympics there! they’re so fun to watch on tv, wish i could be in london for them!
    oh and DUH the styles are amazing there too!! love london fashion!

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    • How awesome that you lived in London! I visited a few times, but I always thought it would be cool to live there for a bit. And you’re so right- London fashion is amazing! :)