Correspondence Club: August 2012

August CClub Collage 1

Large: Rehana // Smaller, starting from top: Kat, Ashlie, Kirstin, Tracy, Angie

Large: Suki // Smaller, starting from top: Anastasia, Drea, Mike, Christine, Nnenna

Starting with top left, then around: Jessica, Drea, Lisa W., Tracy

Large: Ashley // Smaller, starting from top: Michelle, Aly, Kaitlyn O., Hope, Lisa W.

 Large: Carmila // Smaller, starting from top: Emily, Anne, Elizabeth, Catie, Erica

All participants- AlexCarrieDebbieKaitlynKatMikeSaraTracyChrisRehanaHopeEmilyNatasha,
StephanieCarmilaImogenAmberAshlieMikaElizabeth, Anne, Suki, Aly, Wambura, Kirstin, me, MichelleKaitlyn H.MariaAnastasiaJessica, Polly, Erica, Blair, JoChristineAshleyCatie, Lisa W., AshlieAngie, Emily C., Drea

For the month of August, I decided to shake things up a bit. I sent out a survey to the Correspondence Club members and based on their feedback, made a few changes to the structure of the club. This month, we had a theme, which was Hometown Pride. With all of the Olympics coverage going on, I thought it would be a fitting topic for each of us to talk about our favorite aspects of our home cities. Not only could you talk about your hometown pride in your letter, but the idea was that your little gift would also match the theme and represent some part of your home city.

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Do you want to join the Correspondence Club for September?  We’d love to have you!  If you would like to participate in September, please send me your information by midnight tomorrow (September 1st at 11:59pm EST).

Etsy Craft Party

Etsy Craft Party 1

Last Friday, Etsy held their annual Craft Party.  All over the world, people got together and made crafts- isn’t that such a wonderful idea? You had a couple of options- you could host your own craft party and Etsy would send you a box of supplies, or you could attend a meetup in your area. As much as I would have enjoyed hosting my own craft party, I couldn’t sort out the logistics in time, so I decided to attend the Etsy event in New York at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Wambura and Ariel

Of course, this event was very popular, so even though we technically arrived on time, we had to wait a little bit before we could enter the craft tent. That wait gave us just enough time to grab icy sodas from a nearby stand to cool down a little. I also tried to surreptitiously take pictures of interesting passerby, like that man with the bright orange hair!

Once we were all checked in, we strolled into the lot where they had the crafts all set up.  In one area, you could purchase food from some local vendors, while underneath the large tent were all the crafts. There were three different items you could make- hand-stenciled cotton towels, decorated glass bottles, and mixed media collage postcards.  For each type of craft, there were several long tables filled with supplies and you basically had to plop down at a table as soon as a seat opened up somewhere.

Since we could only stay for a little while, we decided to each make a postcard. There were so many supplies to play with and so many different directions you could choose for your card. Once we all started working on our postcards, we became really quiet- we were too busy being in the zone and crafting to our heart’s content!

The final products

To wrap up an already fun-filled evening, we decided to take the ferry back to the city. This was a new experience for each of us and it was absolutely thrilling! By the time we left Brooklyn, it was already starting to get dark, which meant that the lights of the city were shining brightly. My only complaint was that the ferry ride was too short. It only took minutes to reach the other side, but I could have ridden on the ferry much much longer.

If you would like to see more pictures from our evening at the craft party, check out my facebook page. Thanks to Etsy for organizing such a fun event and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Tell me: Did you attend an Etsy Craft Party in your city?

Black and White and Stars

Black and White and StarsB

Cardigan*Alex // Top and Kitty Ring c/o Oasap // Jason Wu for Target*Skirt
Necklace*Forever 21 // Lulu’s*Bag // Flats via

It’s not exactly smart to wear a lot of black on a humid summer day in New York City, but that’s what I did anyway. I wore this outfit to work last Wednesday, and then to the Fabipops and Snapette events that same night. Hope, Alex, and I met a little early so we could take pictures in the West Village, another area that I love. The streets are quiet and the buildings/apartments are so picturesque- if only I could afford to live there!

I’m sure that it won’t surprise you one bit that I love the stars print on this top. When I was introducing myself to Caitlin from the Snapette team later that night and I mentioned the name of my blog, she said “Ah, stars, like your shirt,” and I said “Yes, exactly!” I didn’t really think about my outfit reflecting my blog name until she pointed it out!

(photos of me above taken by Alex and last picture taken by Hope– thanks ladies!)

Fabipops & Snapette

Fabipops & Snapette 1

On Wednesday, I went to two fun events with Hope and Alex. The first was a cake pops and wine party at Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar in the West Village.

There were lots of yummy little foods to nibble on, like mini pizza slices and mini egg rolls, and of course there were Fabipops.  The cake pops were definitely delish and I devoured all three of the ones above in about one minute.  After that, I decided I needed to slow down my pace, so Hope, Alex, and I sipped on our drinks and chatted. They also had a mini raffle to give away items from some of the sponsors of the event. Hope was only two numbers off from winning the first prize!

From there, we popped on over to Flying A in Soho where Snapette was kind enough to organize an event exclusively for members of The Bloggers’ Collective.

Have you heard of Snapette before? This was my first time playing around with the app and I really like the concept. Basically the idea is that you “snap” pictures of products you like while you are out shopping and upload them to Snapette. You can use this as a way to keep track of items that you may want to come back and purchase later.  Another way to use the app is to search for nearby stores based on your location; this way you can see what products are near you and you can even follow a store for updates on when they receive new merchandise.

The best part of the event for me was hearing directly from the co-founders about how the company began. They started out with a small investment and a great idea, and now they’ve managed to raise even more funds and release a very successful app! It was really great to hear their personal story and it made me even more excited to try out the app. I also had the opportunity to chat with some people from the Snapette team and they were so friendly and welcoming.

After the presentation, I browsed through Flying A (who closed the store just for our event!) and there were so many great pieces, like those black wedge boots above. Also, Alex, Hope, and I just couldn’t resist munching on more sugary treats (cupcakes from Crumbs)!

Thanks to Fabipops, Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar, Snapette, and Flying A for a really fun evening!