Correspondence Club: August 2012

August CClub Collage 1

Large: Rehana // Smaller, starting from top: Kat, Ashlie, Kirstin, Tracy, Angie

Large: Suki // Smaller, starting from top: Anastasia, Drea, Mike, Christine, Nnenna

Starting with top left, then around: Jessica, Drea, Lisa W., Tracy

Large: Ashley // Smaller, starting from top: Michelle, Aly, Kaitlyn O., Hope, Lisa W.

 Large: Carmila // Smaller, starting from top: Emily, Anne, Elizabeth, Catie, Erica

All participants- AlexCarrieDebbieKaitlynKatMikeSaraTracyChrisRehanaHopeEmilyNatasha,
StephanieCarmilaImogenAmberAshlieMikaElizabeth, Anne, Suki, Aly, Wambura, Kirstin, me, MichelleKaitlyn H.MariaAnastasiaJessica, Polly, Erica, Blair, JoChristineAshleyCatie, Lisa W., AshlieAngie, Emily C., Drea

For the month of August, I decided to shake things up a bit. I sent out a survey to the Correspondence Club members and based on their feedback, made a few changes to the structure of the club. This month, we had a theme, which was Hometown Pride. With all of the Olympics coverage going on, I thought it would be a fitting topic for each of us to talk about our favorite aspects of our home cities. Not only could you talk about your hometown pride in your letter, but the idea was that your little gift would also match the theme and represent some part of your home city.

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Do you want to join the Correspondence Club for September?  We’d love to have you!  If you would like to participate in September, please send me your information by midnight tomorrow (September 1st at 11:59pm EST).

  • Sorry I did not send a photo this time– I taped it all up and sealed it and then was like… oh. Crap.

    • Haha, no worries, happens to everyone!

  • oh my gosh! so many people joined in! I love it :) And I think going with a theme was a clever idea!

    • Thanks Laura! Hope you can come back the club when you’ve got a bit more time :)

  • Tracy

    Everyone’s letters look so adorable.

  • Katherine

    Awww I still haven’t got my letter yet :) I hope it comes soon! but i love that this is growing and growing :)

    • I hope it arrives soon too Kat!

  • Everyone’s correspondence looks so lovely! Just looking at all of the pics make me smile! I can’t wait to receive my letter. Thanks for sharing this experience with us, Nnenna :-)

    • I agree- seeing everyone’s pictures is my favorite part each month! Hope you letter arrives very very soon! :)

  • Catie

    I just got my August letter today! The post takes forever to/from England! Here is my blog post about it:;postID=406406575952888789

    • Yay, glad your letter finally arrived and I will definitely check out your post today! :D

  • Catie