The Perfect Fall Boots


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I’m currently searching for the perfect ankle boots for fall, which is no easy task. I have a few conditions: they have to be affordable, comfortable (since I walk to and from work), durable (the streets of NYC are not particularly kind to shoes), and versatile. See what I mean? Not so easy! These are a few options that I like so far and I hoping to make it in to the store later this week to try some of these on.

Tell me: What type(s) of shoes are on your fall wish list? 


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  1. Hope says

    I like 4 and 6! Super polished. I’m currently looking for some of these as well (in tan too, I think). I hate how NYC ruins shoes…

  2. says

    I like #5 a lot – I’m pretty happy i found a black wedge bootie last year that mostly fits your bill. though they are madden girl, so fingers crossed they survive a second winter.

    • says

      I kind of want a black wedge bootie too- I used to have a pair, but then I wore them to death and they’re looking pretty bad. I have a pair of madden girl sandals that have now survived two summers, so hopefully that means your boots will last too!

  3. says

    I love #5! I have a hard time styling ankle boots some times. What would you pair them with? I’m looking forward to wearing my cognac riding boots, and perhaps purchasing a pair of grey OTK boots to balance out my camel-colored leather mini.

    • says

      I like #5 too, although I might go with a sleeker design like #2 or #3, just because I want them to be super versatile. I want to pair them with skinny pants, or a flared mini skirt (like the prep school look I posted last week), or I think they could even look cool with a high-low skirt! Hmmm, now that I mention that, I really want to try it! :)

      Oh yes, riding boots are a must for fall. I need a new pair of those too, but right now I’m just focusing on the ankle boots.

  4. Yanira Michelle says

    I think 6 would be the best for you! Although my first favorite is 3, but it seems to have the highest heel. Lovely choices!