Nails on the Runway: Spring 2013

Kate Spade

I love that nails and nail art have become such a big part of fashion week. It’s so interesting to see what nails designers and manicurists create to accompany each collection. Each season I have my favorites- manicures that just blow my mind! Take a look at my top picks below and let me know in the comments which one you like best!

Kate Spade– Kate Spade certainly knows how to bring the cute factor and I’m dying over these gingham nails- so sweet.

Tracy Reese– These color-blocked nails are so fun and look like they wouldn’t be too hard to replicate!

The Blonds– How amazing are these nails?! I love this twist on the caviar manicure (and how they look a little dangerous too!).

Ruffian– They used delicate gold appliqués on some of the nails (like chic doilies on a miniature scale).

Binetti– Uhhh, I’ve never seen anything like this before! They created a triple-tier manicure for an oyster effect- see the tiny little pearls sandwiched between each layer?

Rachel Antonoff– These clear tips are so cool! I must figure out if this can be DIYed.

Prabal Gurung– Creeeeepy! These blood-dripped nails were created by manicurists from Sally Hansen.

Katie Gallagher– This is such a beautiful design and so glamorous. I’m definitely a fan of this black and gold combination.

Joy Cioci– This manicure is so ethereal and almost looks crystallized to me- simply beautiful.

  • Yanira Michelle

    I love the gingham! Apparently all you need is strips of tape. I’m excited to try it out :)

    • Oh, awesome! Let me know if you do end up giving it a try!

  • They’re all Lana del Ray nails! I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to file mine into points…

    • Oh you’re right, I didn’t even realize until you pointed it out!

  • M

    REALLY amazing nail jobs!

    • Agreed, these nail artists are so talented!

  • These nail designs are really wild – and i’m surprised to see most of them SO LONG! I don’t like it. They creep me out. (and I used to wear my own nails that long years ago. i cringe at the thought)

    • Yeah, I don’t like them quite that long either. I also prefer mine to be more square, instead of pointy like these are.

  • I thought the nails were super cool this season. But some of them are so impractically time consuming… I heard the Rodarte ones took like two hours to make each set, and then they still had to be put on models the day of the show!

    • Wow, that is a crazy long time x however many models they have!