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Describe the collection in three words: white, feminine, lace 

Yuna Yang was the first show that I attended on my own invitation. It was held in the Nasdaq Center in Times Square in a circular room with floor to ceiling glass windows. The presentation started out with a short video piece and then launched into a runway show. Lace was everywhere in this collection in a variety of colors- red, blue, green. There were also several crisp white outfits, as well as a few pieces in a cheerful polka-dot print.  Models showed off wispy braids, as well as dramatic eye makeup paired with a neutral lip. My two favorite pieces were both gowns: one in all white with sweet crochet detail along the shoulders and across the back and the other was the red stunner with an open back pictured above.

Tell me: What do you think of this collection?

Check back tomorrow to find out where I went and what I did for Fashion’s Night Out!


  • Ladyofashion

    I love some of these pieces, especially the darker blue lace dress and tan jacket! Lovely collection.

    • Nnenna

      The lace was very pretty and delicate- I was also a fan! :)

  • Hope Shores

    That lace. Swoon.

    • Nnenna

      Same- I really can’t get enough of lace! :)

  • heather

    O so that’s how they did it. I was wondering how it was going to be done. Love all the lace. And love the pop of color with the red cut out back dress. It gives a nice break between all the whites. White is def. in for Spring 2013

    • Nnenna

      Yes, it was an interesting set-up! The only thing was the light was quickly fading before the show started, so it made it harder to get good pics. I thought it was generally a very pretty collection, with a couple of exceptions.