Get the Look- Satchels

Get the Look- Satchels

Top: 1 and 2 // Middle: 1 and 2 // Bottom: 1 and 2

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard that last week, my trusty black satchel and everyday work bag broke (le sigh). It’s actually a funny not so funny story: I was walking to work as usual and stopped to wait for a light to change.  Then when the walk sign came on and I strode out into the street, my purse chose that exact moment to break, spilling all of the contents of my bag into the street. I had to scramble to shove everything back into my bag and not get hit by a car (I’m being overdramatic- luckily, the walk symbol was still on)!

Basically, I’m on the hunt for a new work bag. I love the look of a structured satchel and I always lean toward black for versatility.  However, I also am a fan of the mixed neutrals (brown, black, grey) and think those could be easy to mix and match with different outfits. On the bottom, we have bags that I adore, but are definitely out of my price range.  I’m torn!

Tell me: Do you like satchels? Which one would you pick?


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  1. tia_cherie says

    I do like this style of bag but unfortunately I don’t have any. I love the idea of mixing neutrals the most.

  2. says

    Aww, what a shame! I would’ve died and majorly panicked if that happened to me! Satchels are super cute. I hope you can find the perfect one soon :)

  3. says

    That’s such an unfortunate way for a bag to end it’s life! But your picks for a new bag are all wonderful. My first choice would be the bottom right but if you’re looking to save money I also really like the top and middle right bags. Good luck choosing!

  4. Sunny Star says

    I love satchels and have been considering getting one for work myself. I would have absolutely freaked out if my handbag’s contents had spilled out onto the street. There is so much in my handbag I would have never picked it all up. The tan and black satchel above with the tassel is my favorite!

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Chelsea Arnold says

    I love the look of satchels but the fastenings irritate me, I need to get in and out of my bag quickly while I’m out and about. Number 2 on the top row is adorable though x

    • says

      That is a good point to consider. My old bag had a sliding lock and snaps that fastening, but I never fastened the snaps because I didn’t want to have go through two obstacles to open my bag.

  6. says

    Eek! You know how much I love satchels! You can probably guess which one I’d pick.

    Did you try taking your satchel to a shoe repair place? You never know, they might be able to work some magic!

    • says

      Actually, I’m not sure! If I had to guess one, I’d pick bottom left? No, I didn’t try that. I figured it was time for an update anyway (the old one was starting to look a bit beat up)!