Gift Guide: $75 and Under


1. Pantone Espresso Set // 2. Gold and Yellow Wool Elephant (an adorable little elephant for an adorable little kid) // 3. Leather All Over Stud Gloves // 4. Suede Chainlink Envelope Purse (love this bright color!) // 5. Sumi Spoons Oblong Platter (isn’t this platter so lovely?) // 6. Hot Cocoa Cafe Coat (a lace coat? I’m in love!) // 7. Personalized Recipe Gift Set // 8. Horse Print Cardigan (so cute and there are other animal prints too!) // 9. Destination Hot Spot Backpack // 10. Cities, Set of Three Prints (great way to spruce up the home)

Tell me: Which one is your favorite?

To all my readers who celebrate- Happy Thanksgiving in advance! I’ll be busy cooking and eating and scouring the web for early Black Friday deals tomorrow, so I’ll see you back here later!

  • I love all of these things!! I try to keep Christmas shopping fun rather than stressful. :)

    • Thanks Hope! Usually it’s fun, but this year it feels a little stressful because I’m still hunting for the perfect gifts for my family!

  • graceatwood

    Great guide! ADORE those gloves!

    • Thank you so much Grace!

  • The Pantone demitasse are definitely my favorite. So clever! Though I do like those studded gloves, too.

    • The studded gloves are pretty amazing, no?! :)

  • Gabby

    love the cute backpack. :)

    • Me too- love polka dots on pretty much anything!

  • Oh my goodness, I love that lace coat! The studded gloves and stuffed elephant are great finds as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    • Thank you Jenmarie- hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! :)

  • m

    have a happy thanksgiving!


    • Thank you! Hope you had a good one too! :)

  • Monique

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! That espresso set would make a great gift, so bright and cute!

    • Thank you Monique, same to you! :)

  • I really love the platter, and the bag is the perfect color.

    • The platter is so pretty. I don’t think I would actually want to put any food on it!