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Did you guys have a good weekend? I had a pretty relaxing weekend and on Saturday I had the opportunity to go to two pretty fun events.  First up, a coffee tasting for The Bloggers’ Collective organized by Craft Coffee!

I had never been to a coffee tasting before, so I was pretty excited to taste some delicious coffee and learn more about the company. Craft Coffee is a monthly subscription box for coffee lovers. They receive tons of samples from all over the world each month, but only select the best 3 to include in that month’s box. Many coffee drinkers (myself included) have particular favorites, but can’t tell you exactly why they like that brand or flavor of coffee. Craft Coffee includes an informational card with each box that tell you some interesting tidbits about each coffee they send, such as where it came from and tasting notes. They’ll be launching a new feature on their website soon where you can rate the coffees you taste and then as you continue to rate different coffees, the site will be able provide recommendations and facts about your coffee tastes based on the ones you’ve rated in the past. We also learned about the different ways that coffee is brewed and received a sample to take home with us.

It was good to see several TBC members at this event, but sadly Alex and I couldn’t stay too long because we had to head downtown for the Driscoll’s Berries Holiday Craft Brunch!

Driscoll’s Berries invited several bloggers down to the Open House Gallery in Soho for an afternoon of treats and crafting.  I’d never been to a crafting brunch before, but the idea just sounds awesome, no? When we arrived, I was handed this adorable little frame they created for me and then we picked a spot at the table where we would do our crafting. Of course, there were many delicious berry treats, including an extremely tasty cocktail and the most delightful little french toast with berry topping.

After eating to our heart’s content, it was time to get to crafting! There was a demonstration of how to craft our holiday trees and then we all got to work. Alex was a speed demon and I think she finished her tree before I was even halfway done. Our trees were made entirely out of strawberries, so it was hard to resist snacking on them while we were crafting (side note: I didn’t!)You could also embellish your tree with sprigs of mint leaves here and there, or edible glitter!  The last picture shows the final results- such a festive and fun holiday decoration!

I want to thank both Craft Coffee and Driscoll’s for such a delightful Saturday afternoon! It was very interesting to learn more about coffee and the crafting brunch definitely put me in the holiday mood! :)

Tell me: What did you do this weekend?


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  1. Katherine says

    Those berry stands look delish!!! great job!!
    ps I have tagged you for a blog award :)

  2. says

    oh em geeeee, nnenna! I am so jelly. that sounds like such a blissful afternoon of crafting and yummy coffee– two things I am ALWAYS up for!

  3. says

    the crafting brunch just sounds like a great event – cool idea and clearly a great execution! Love your berry tree – i’m sure it didn’t last long once you got it home!