Get the Look- Weekend in the Mountains



Aztec Open Knit Cardigan // Dark Indigo Jeggings // Long Sleeve Jersey Top
Cranium // Throw // Weekend Mug (any Downton Abbey fans out there get this one?!)

This weekend I’m taking a trip to the Poconos with a group of friends and I’m really excited! It’s really only the second time I’ve taken a weekend trip since I moved to NYC more than a year ago and I’m looking forward to getting away for a bit. We’ve rented a house for the weekend and I’m planning to spend the entire time relaxing. I’m envisioning some warm beverages by the fire, rowdy rounds of our favorite board games, and curling up with my current read on the couch.

Tell me: What are your plans for the long weekend?

  • Is it a long weekend? I was completely unaware, lol. I LOVE that mug. This is a darling outfit you put together. Hope you have fun!

    • Thanks Jenmarie! I agree, that mug is so great and I laughed so hard at that comment in Downton Abbey!

  • Katherine

    The Aztec cardigan looks really snuggly :) Enjoy your long weekend :) Mine is just a normal weekend but the Aussie open is here so will be watching a lot of tennis and possibly playing some too :)

    • Thank you Kat! The Aussie open sounds really fun! I enjoy watching and playing tennis- not that I’m any good!

  • OOO have fun in the Poconos! I use to go all the time when I was a kid. I love the set esp. the cardigan. I just saw this cardi (or something very similar) to it on Fake Leather’s blog. Love it!

    I’m so excited for the long weekend. We are wrapping up looking at wedding venues this weekend! EEE!!! SO EXCITED! Plus getting my hair done, I’ve been putting it off for way to long.


    • Thanks Heather! This is my first time going, so I’m super excited :)

      Oh my gosh, that’s amazing- I hope you find the perfect spot for your wedding. And yay for getting your hair done- can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • you’ve got some great plans this weekend!! Love that cardigan!

    • Thanks Lydia- hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jessica

    That is a beautiful look. It makes me wish I where getting to escape into the mountains for a break.

    Jessica @
    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Thanks Jessica- I needed that getaway so badly!

  • m

    i WANT that sweater! and a getaway!


    • I hope you get one soon! :)