Penguin Drop Cap Books









As soon as I stumbled across these gorgeous book covers, I knew I had to share them here on the blog.  The Penguin Drop Cap series is a collaboration between Jessica Hische (who has had her work appear in projects like Moonrise Kingdomand Paul Buckley, the VP Executive Creative Director at Penguin. In this series they’ve reinvented classic texts with bright, bold covers and beautiful typography. I think it would be a dream to be able to purchase the entire collection- they would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s library.

Speaking of books, I still need to share my impressions of the books I read last month- look for that post coming soon!

(first six images via, last image via)


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      Yes! I love this design- it’s simple with just the single capital letter as the focus, but still elaborate with all the beautiful swirls.

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    Ooh, these are lovely! I’d adore a collection like that, too. I don’t have much of an organized classics collection – only a few from the Barnes & Noble line that match, but otherwise it’s a scattering of paperbacks and hardcovers. ;) I still haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom, but I’m crazy about the artistry of it. One of these days I want to go through and watch all of Wes Anderson’s films in order. Maybe a good project for 2013!

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      I don’t have any organized collections at all, but I think it would be so lovely to own a set like this. Also, I just saw Moonrise Kingdom over the holidays and it was really adorable- I know you’ll love it!