Purple Pants

Purple Pants 1

Purple Pants 1

Purple Pants 3

Sweater- Forever 21 // Pants- Old Navy // Boots- TJ Maxx via Lydia

If it’s looking like it’s not snowy enough in these pictures, it’s because these are about a month old and were taken when I was home in California visiting my family. I remember when I didn’t own a single pair of colored pants. Then Old Navy had a major sale on their Rockstar Jeans and I had an Old Navy coupon, so I was able to score three pairs of colored pants for about $15 each!

I love colored pants for two reasons: one- they’re fun and two- they’re a great way to switch up your look when it’s freezing degrees outside and your wearing nothing but pants to keep warm. So far I have these purple ones, a mustard-colored pair and also some bright green ones. I still want to add a few more colors to my wardrobe- particularly a cobalt blue and a true red.

Tell me: Would you wear colored pants?

  • Eli

    I only have a bright orange pair (that I wear rarely), a light green and turquoise pair that I wear often. My problem always turns out to be that I dont have that many tops to match. I feel like I always end up wearing a black top, and need to learn to branch out!

    • I’ve been trying the monochromatic look with my colored pants lately- wearing the same color family on top in darker or lighter shade. You’re right, it is more challenging to match to colored pants and I like to go on Pinterest to look for inspiration!

  • I love your grape purple pants! They’re so awesome, and those sparkly chelsea boots are amazing as well. :D I would definitely wear some colored skinnies, but alas, I am not much of a pants person, so I can’t say that’s going to happen anytime soon… but I do love how they look on others (such as your stylish self!).

    • You’re so sweet- thank you Ali! :)

  • What a fantastic deal! This color purple is so gorgeous! I have a light purple pair with white faded polka dots on them, and then a burgundy pair. I’d like to try mint, and see how that works.

    • Your polka dot pair sound so cute! I’ve been searching for a mint pant for a while, but I can’t seem to find the exact shade I want.

  • great deal on the pants – they have become a closet staple for me! Love this color!

    • Thanks Lydia! I love the way you wear colored pants- always gives me inspiration :)

  • Love these pants! I tried the Rockstar jeans but they didn’t work for me at all :(

    • Thank you! I had to size up but I do love that they’re not so long on me that I have to roll them up (I always almost have to roll up my pants).

  • tracy

    I love your pants. I am a huge fan of colored pants on others and I own a few pairs myself but I still feel a little self conscious wearing them.

    I adore your shoes.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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    • Thank you Tracy! I felt pretty self-conscious the first time I wore my bright green ones, but I think I’ve gotten used to them now :)

  • Nikki Mitchell

    I definitely do! I have a pair of royal blue ones that I love to death! I would like red and purple next!

    • I want red ones too! :)

  • I’m really digging the purple pants on you and I like how you paired it with a similar colour shoe. I actually love coloured trousers. They really make any outfit more dressy and classy! xo

  • Laura Mullins

    I love your little booties! And I could really use some more colorful pants in my wardrobe.

  • Great color! Love Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans. They came in all colors of the rainbow :)

    • Thanks Kim! Yes, I love that they come in so many different colors- hope I’ll be adding more to my closet soon!