Purple Pants

Purple Pants 1

Purple Pants 1

Purple Pants 3

Sweater- Forever 21 // Pants- Old Navy // Boots- TJ Maxx via Lydia

If it’s looking like it’s not snowy enough in these pictures, it’s because these are about a month old and were taken when I was home in California visiting my family. I remember when I didn’t own a single pair of colored pants. Then Old Navy had a major sale on their Rockstar Jeans and I had an Old Navy coupon, so I was able to score three pairs of colored pants for about $15 each!

I love colored pants for two reasons: one- they’re fun and two- they’re a great way to switch up your look when it’s freezing degrees outside and your wearing nothing but pants to keep warm. So far I have these purple ones, a mustard-colored pair and also some bright green ones. I still want to add a few more colors to my wardrobe- particularly a cobalt blue and a true red.

Tell me: Would you wear colored pants?