Sorority Girl




Today’s post title has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with my sister. I wasn’t in a sorority during college but she is and she really enjoys it. With gear as cute as her sweatshirt above, I told her I would join a sorority just to be able to wear that sweatshirt (I’m totally joking of course!).


Sweater- H&M // Necklace and Pants- Forever 21 // Bag- c/o Princess Sparkle // Boots- TJ Maxx



I’m wearing a lot of favorites in this outfit. This burgundy cabled sweater from H&M only cost $15 and I wear it all the time, so I definitely feel like I get my money’s worth. Also, I’m debuting my new favorite pair of shoes on the blog today- these glitter ankle booties from TJ Maxx via Lydia! It’s kind of a funny story how I got them- Lydia posted a picture of these shoes on her Instagram and I immediately fell in love. I asked if they had any my size, which they did, and she offered to buy them and send them to me- so sweet! I pretty much wore these every day while I was in California visiting my family because they’re so comfortable and add a dash of fun to every outfit.

Speaking of fun, one more picture of my sister because she’s so cute- thanks again for taking my pictures Nikki!

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(all photos of me in this post taken by my lovely sister)