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Today’s post title has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with my sister. I wasn’t in a sorority during college but she is and she really enjoys it. With gear as cute as her sweatshirt above, I told her I would join a sorority just to be able to wear that sweatshirt (I’m totally joking of course!).


Sweater- H&M // Necklace and Pants- Forever 21 // Bag- c/o Princess Sparkle // Boots- TJ Maxx



I’m wearing a lot of favorites in this outfit. This burgundy cabled sweater from H&M only cost $15 and I wear it all the time, so I definitely feel like I get my money’s worth. Also, I’m debuting my new favorite pair of shoes on the blog today- these glitter ankle booties from TJ Maxx via Lydia! It’s kind of a funny story how I got them- Lydia posted a picture of these shoes on her Instagram and I immediately fell in love. I asked if they had any my size, which they did, and she offered to buy them and send them to me- so sweet! I pretty much wore these every day while I was in California visiting my family because they’re so comfortable and add a dash of fun to every outfit.

Speaking of fun, one more picture of my sister because she’s so cute- thanks again for taking my pictures Nikki!

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(all photos of me in this post taken by my lovely sister)

  • I love this nice relaxed look, the great sweater and necklace, and of course the booties! Glad you are enjoying them – they are nice and comfortable!

    The necklace might be inspiring me to make some more lace jewelry, I have a pair of earrings I made, but I haven’t worn them in forever.

    • Thank you Lydia! Oh, your lace earrings sound really pretty. There was a lace necklace from an etsy shop that I wanted a while ago but never ended up purchasing!

  • I love this burgundy sweater! I love it when I find an inexpensive item that I constantly cycle through my wardrobe. It makes the purchase so worth it! Those glitter booties are awesome, too!

    • Thank you Jackie! Me too, it makes me feel like I’m spending my money wisely! :)

  • Yay for new favorite items! You look great in burgundy and I’m loving the necklace and shoes as well … :)

    Cute pics of your sis, too. :)

    • Thanks so much Carrie!

  • Aw you ladies are so cute! My sis was in a sorority at USC and fashion school doesn’t really have them (kinda surprising since that seems to be up their alley lol)

    • Thanks Kim! My school sort of had sororities, but they weren’t really big on campus like they are at my sister’s school.

  • Love those glitter boots! How cute is your sister? :) I was totally in a sorority (well, a fake one because I went to a private school that didn’t have national charters), most likely to wear the sweatshirts. haha.

    • Haha, thanks Hope! :)

  • I love this sweater! I don’t think we had cute things like this when I was in school, totally jealous.

    • I know, it’s so cute right? I’m thinking of having her buy me one just to wear anyway!

  • tracy

    You and your sister look amazing. I love your sister’s sorority sweater. I never had any interest in being in a sorority except I liked the cute clothes.

    Tracy @
    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Haha, that’s exactly how I feel! Not into the rituals and rules and such, but love the cute clothes! :)

  • You both look great, I LOVE your necklace! I was in a sorority in college and I still have some sweatshirts and t-shirts :)

    • Thank you Iris! I still have a few fave t-shirts from college too that I wear from time to time, but they’re not as cute as my sister’s sweatshirt! :)

  • Rachel

    What beautiful ladies you two are. I love your lace necklace and those pants are so cute, I love the buttons at the ankles.


    • Thanks so much Rachel! I really like these pants- they’re very comfortable because they’re more like jeggings, so I wear them quite often!

  • Ah, you’re both so cute! I love your sweater to bits, everything about it. And I’ve not yet gotten into the statement necklace trend (can you believe?) because I honestly don’t wear much jewelry on the daily. But THAT one is adorable, totally want.

    • Thank you so much Casee! I was late to join the statement necklace trend, but I really love it because it’s the perfect way to add some *oomph* to a basic outfit. I want to start collecting affordable ones like this one now!

  • Love the necklace!! So unique and the pop of pink from the bag :) You are both beautiful!

    • You’re so sweet- thank you Sylvia!

  • Your sister is a cutie, like you! I remember seeing that H&M sweater, it looks great on you!

    • Aww, thank you! She is a cutie :)

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