The Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall

Even though I’ve been in my new apartment for a few months now, we haven’t really gotten around to decorating the place. This year, I decided that I wanted to remedy that, starting with my bedroom. I’ve long admired the look of a gallery wall and was hoping that I could create something similar in my room. However, when I thought of all the holes I would have to put in my wall and the money needed to spend on purchasing frames, I started to rethink the idea of a gallery wall. Then I stumbled on this image, which provided the perfect solution to my problems- a washi-tape gallery wall.

It cost me less than $15 to buy these different colored tapes and I already had all of these pictures. Some are pages cut carefully from magazines, a few came from last year’s calendar, a couple are postcards, and the picture of me was created by the talented Melanie. The colors of my room are yellow, gray, white, and blue and I wanted to stick with those colors when making my frames. Since my walls are already yellow, I thought it would be cool to add pops of blue and white. This is just the beginning- I definitely plan to add more images over time because I’ve got a lot more wall to fill.  The great thing too is that the washi tape doesn’t damage the walls one bit and I can easily swap pictures in and out.

Tell me: What do you think of my gallery wall?

  • that is a very cute idea!

    I hate putting holes in the wall (mine is now riddled with them) but I finally discovered the command hanging strips – brilliant!

    • Thanks Lydia! I generally like the command strips too- although in my last apartment one strip did remove one large chunk of wall when I took it off (probably because it was a cheapo wall, but still).

  • tracy

    I love your gallery wall. The tape is so pretty. I love the colors. I have long admired gallery walls to but hate all of the holes in the wall.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Thank you Tracy! Yes, I love the look, but I can’t really be putting a ton of holes in the walls since I’m living in an apartment.

  • this looks great! what a neat idea. a nice simple way to post some inspirational things on the wall!

  • This looks great. I have no problem riddling my walls with holes (and most of my wall hangings are too heavy to simply stick on) so I started a gallery wall in my hallway just yesterday! ( Some of my stuff needs fixing after my move so I’ve decided on placement but can’t hang them yet. I really do love that you can change yours up all the time.

    • Ooo, your wall looks so great- that mirror is amazing! I think in the future I’d go for the real thing (holes and frames and everything), but for now while I’m still renting, this is a good option :)

  • Such a cute idea! Can’t wait to see how it progresses :)

    • Thanks Kim! I’m behind on my magazine reading so I may have some more inspirational images to add soon!

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