Sweater- Thrifted // Scarf- Old // Pants- Old Navy // Boots- TJ Maxx via Lydia
(all photos above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

I think I’ve figured out another reason why I love colored pants so much: when your winter wardrobe consists of some combination of warm sweater + pants + boots like mine does, colored pants are a good way to complete that formula while still mixing it up a bit! It was freezing outside when we took these pictures, but I grudgingly gamely took off my coat so that Alex could quickly capture my outfit. I was frozen and shivering, but Alex is weather-immune and posed without her coat for much longer than I could handle!

How was your weekend? On Friday after work, I went to a preview event for Kensie Jewelry– can’t wait to share my pictures later this week! Then on Saturday, I met up with some members of the Collective for a farewell brunch for Miss Lindsay at Punch. Sadly- she’s moving out of NYC this week, but she promised that she’d come back to visit often! Yesterday, I spent some time working on the blog, including tweaking a few things in the design- what do you think? Also, I love award shows, so of course I was watching/tweeting the Oscars last night too.

Tell me: Did you watch the Oscars? Who were your best-dressed and worst-dressed picks?

Pretty Spring Dresses



1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

Here are a few pretty little spring dresses that have caught my eye! I know it’s not nearly warm enough to wear these yet, but a girl can dream, right? That last pick is a little more daring than what I would normally go for, but I love the fabric!

Tell me: Which one is your favorite? And I also want to know, would you wear dress #4?

Paint Job


I guess I kind of took an extra long weekend here on the blog, eh? Oh boy, I couldn’t wait for this long weekend to get here. After the hustle of NYFW, I was ready for a weekend with little plans other than relaxing. Well, actually, I did end up doing a few things. One of my friends was visiting from DC and we grabbed brunch one morning. Also, my roomie and I had been talking about painting our living room for a while and this weekend we finally took the plunge!

It took us forever to decide what color we wanted and at one point I didn’t think we’d be able to agree. However, after much debate, we finally settled on a cool blue. I’m very happy with the color we chose and I love it best when there’s just a little bit of natural light filtering through the window. Since the hallway from the front door flows into the living room and there’s no clear delineating line on that wall, we decided to leave one wall as is. Turns out I actually really like the contrast of having three blue walls and one white wall.

Okay, this is slightly embarrassing for me to admit, but this is really the first thing we’ve done to our living room decor-wise. After all my grand plans and visions when we first moved into this apartment (about four months ago- what?!), it’s taking us a while to put them into action. There are several restrictions (money, space, permanency, etc.), but I’m glad we’ve finally taken a step in the right direction. Next on the list- a bigger couch!

Tell me: How long did it take you to decorate your current home?