Sweater- Thrifted // Scarf- Old // Pants- Old Navy // Boots- TJ Maxx via Lydia
(all photos above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

I think I’ve figured out another reason why I love colored pants so much: when your winter wardrobe consists of some combination of warm sweater + pants + boots like mine does, colored pants are a good way to complete that formula while still mixing it up a bit! It was freezing outside when we took these pictures, but I grudgingly gamely took off my coat so that Alex could quickly capture my outfit. I was frozen and shivering, but Alex is weather-immune and posed without her coat for much longer than I could handle!

How was your weekend? On Friday after work, I went to a preview event for Kensie Jewelry– can’t wait to share my pictures later this week! Then on Saturday, I met up with some members of the Collective for a farewell brunch for Miss Lindsay at Punch. Sadly- she’s moving out of NYC this week, but she promised that she’d come back to visit often! Yesterday, I spent some time working on the blog, including tweaking a few things in the design- what do you think? Also, I love award shows, so of course I was watching/tweeting the Oscars last night too.

Tell me: Did you watch the Oscars? Who were your best-dressed and worst-dressed picks?

  • Aw bummed I missed you ladies! Love adding a punch of color to my winter wardrobe. I’ve even worn neon :)

    • Sad we missed you too- we need to make plans to catch up soon!

  • Your (alex’s?) night photography has gotten so much better! But really, after dark is my least favorite time for outfit photos in the winter, I can totally relate to the grin and bear look on your face.

    • It’s because I got a 5D hahaha. So much better in low light than my T1i.

      • My own camera does not do well in low light- I need to learn to work around that!

        • You know how much I’ve tried, and how much I always say that it’s the person rather than the camera… but in this case, the 5D just performs much better in low light. I think sometimes it’s just not possible to work around the camera– in this case better equipment has been making the difference for me.

          • Yeah, that makes sense, although in my case I think it really might be because I only know the very very basics of how to work my camera.

    • Yes, Alex’s! Thankfully the days are starting to get longer and it’s no longer pitch black when I leave work!

  • Loving your yellow pants – so cute! And I just discovered Kensie jewelry this weekend…such cute stuff :)


    The Other Side of Gray

    • Thanks Annie! And yes, Kensie does have really cute jewelry- check back tomorrow for some snaps of their latest collection!


    I think I am in love

    • Haha, you’re too kind- thanks!

  • Eli

    The things we do for blogs!! ;) love the bright jeans!

    • Ha, yep! Thanks Eli :)

  • chioma anosike

    i love your yellow pants!


    C’s Evolution of Style

  • well you don’t look frozen at all! colorful and stylish…my kinda outfit.

    • Haha, guess I’m hiding it well! Thanks :)