Le Week-end // 03.29.13

Le Week-end // 3.29.13

Le Week-end // 3.29.13

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret- I’m super awkward in real life.  I was really shy as a little kid and it’s gotten better since then, but meeting new people or being in unfamiliar social settings still causes me a lot of anxiety. I’m 100x more comfortable by myself, at home, in my own little space. However, sometimes it’s good to have a little human interaction, right? This week I pushed myself to step outside of my comfort zone and try to be a little more social. And you know what? It was ok!

// I’ve been really bad about cooking for the last couple of weeks (too much ordering out= empty wallet), so this week I tried to get back on track. I tested out Fresh Direct for this first time, which is an online service that delivers groceries right to your door. You can’t beat that kind of convenience, especially since I always dread going to the cramped grocery store near us.

// Is it possible to become even more addicted to coffee? I feel like my coffee addiction level was at medium, but we got a new coffeemaker in the office recently and now I feel like it’s jumped up to high/very high. I usually make coffee at home with my Keurig, but this week I ran out and decided to try the new coffeemaker at the office. The coffee is not amazing or anything, but it is strong and gives me the huge energy boost I need in the mornings. I’m becoming pretty dependent on it, which is not good, but how do you deal with mornings otherwise??

// In an attempt to be social, this week I went to grab drinks with a few coworkers as a little going-away gathering for a colleague who’s leaving. I didn’t really want to go (see above re: awkwardness in new social settings), but my friend convinced me to do it and I’m glad I went. It was nice to talk to people in a non-work environment!

// I finally picked up some flowers from the Union Square Greenmarket- a pair of white and purple crocuses.  I also snagged a teeny little flower shaped succulent. It’s funny how a little thing like flowers can be such a mood booster.

// I saw a beautiful full-skirted formal gown hanging from a fire escape the other day. I regret not snapping a picture of it because the image has really stuck with me the past few days.

// You guys have heard that Google Reader is being axed on July 1st, right? Since the news broke a few weeks ago, I’ve been searching for an alternative. I don’t love Bloglovin’ as an RSS reader and I tried Feedly and didn’t love that either. Now I’m testing “The Old Reader” and so far this is my favorite alternative. The interface is very similar to Google Reader, which I like. The only downside is that there’s a wait to import your feeds into the The Old Reader- I think it took a little over a week for me.

// Since I’m currently obsessed with Sex and the City, I liked this round-up in Vulture of all the things that Carrie wondered about and this interview in Interview magazine with Manolo Blahnik. Side note- does anyone else watch The Carrie Diaries?

// Who else is super excited that Game of Thrones is back this Sunday?! And did you know there’s a GoT fashion exhibit traveling around the world?

// Graphic designer Jose Guizar illustrates windows that he’s seen around NYC and the results are pretty cool. A couple of these windows feel familiar to me- maybe I’ve walked by them before!

// I started Grace last weekend and it’s a really interesting read! I also love how her little illustrations are peppered throughout the book.  Next on my list, The Fault in Our Stars!

Correspondence Club: March 2013

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Participants: AlexAlex B., Aly, Anastasia, Antonia, AshleyAshley W., Ashlie C.Ashlie B.Bethsaida, Blair, CarmilaCarrieChiaraChrisChristineDebbieDreaElizabeth, Emily C., EmilyFelicia,
HannahHeraJessicaJoKaitlyn H.Kaitlyn O.Kaitlyn P.KateKatKirstinLauraLindsay, Lisa, LysaMarianMonika, me, Polly, Rehana, Sauni-RaeTaMyraTracy

With spring on the brain for many people, you won’t be surprised to learn that March’s theme was Spring Fever! I asked the CClub members to share what they’re looking forward to in spring and their favorite spring activities. For me personally, I’m just dying for spring to actually arrive in NYC! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer, the flowers to really bloom, and for the tights to get packed away.

This month, in the spirit of doing a little spring cleaning, I’ve decided to make some changes to the Correspondence Club. Don’t worry, it’s not disappearing, just being restructured! If you’re currently a member, you’ve already received an email about this from me and if you’re not a member and would like to learn more, head to the FAQ page to find out what I’m talking about!

Remember, if you want to continue participating in the Correspondence Club, you’ll need to sign up again through this link.  Soon after you sign up, I’ll also add you to the new Google Community! If you have any questions at all about the Correspondence Club, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!