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1. Topshop Monster PJ Sweat Top // 2. Incoco Nail Strips- Pretty in Pastel
3. J.Crew Printed iPhone case in Bright Hydrangea // 4. Jack Wills Porchfield Dress in Chambray Spot

Here’s another round-up of a few things that have caught my eye lately! 

That monster sweatshirt is so fitting for me! Sometimes people think I’m a morning person, but it’s actually the opposite. I would prefer if you didn’t speak to me at all early in the morning and if you’re trying to get me to do something before I’ve had my first cuppa coffee and/or tea, forget it!

These Incoco nails strips are absolutely adorable and perfect for Easter, which is right around the corner. They remind me of a fancy Easter egg! You could possibly do this nail design by hand, but I love how easy it is to apply these strips, not to mention they last much longer than regular polish.

I’ve been wanting to switch up my iPhone case and I love how positively springy this J. Crew iPhone case is. On the other hand, what I really need to do is upgrade my phone. It’s been acting wonky for several months now and I’m afraid it’s going to die on me at any moment! I’ve heard rumors that they’ll release a new iPhone sometime this summer, so I’m hoping my iPhone 4 can hold out until then.

Ahh, polka dots- I really can’t get enough of them! Not only do I adore the polka dot print on this Jack Wills dress, but I also love the fit and flare shape. I could totally wear this dress to work in the summertime or for a weekend excursion with friends. Now if only the weather would cooperate and actually warm up!

Tell me: Which one is your favorite?

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