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For the longest time I wasn’t much of a beauty girl, but I feel like I’m slowly starting to come around. I still consider myself generally clueless when it comes to makeup, but there are two areas of the beauty world that I have a particular interest in- nails and lips. You guys already know about my nail polish addiction, so I won’t ramble on again about that, but I’ve only been into lip products for the past couple of years. I remember the first time I wore lipstick outside of my house I was terrified! I seriously thought that everyone was staring at me and I felt quite self-conscious. I’m a lot better at that now and I love how a red lip can really punch up a simple outfit. I’m still pretty wimpy about it when it comes to wearing it to work though- I feel like it will draw too much attention? Who knows, I might make a mini-challenge for myself to wear lipstick to work for a week!

Anyway, all this is to say that there are a few products that have caught my eye recently. I discovered that I’m really into beauty videos on youtube at the moment and I watched a lot of them this past weekend. First up, we have the Julep Freedom Top Coat. Recently, my Seche Vite (which I loved) got really thick and goopy- not cute. I heard that this happens with Seche Vite, but it’s still annoying because I have more than half of the bottle left. Luckily, I had this Julep top coat on hand and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try it. It’s supposed to be a gel top coat and last a couple of weeks as gels usually do. I can’t tell you how long it lasts yet because I change my nail polish so often, but as far as shininess and smoothing out the underlying polish, this top coat works really well. It also dries really fast, which I’m quite pleased about. I think this might be my new go-to top coat!

Many of the beauty blogs I read have been buzzing about the new NARS Satin Lip Pencils. After reading and watching reviews about them and hearing how many people raved about them, I had to add them to my wishlist. Well, it turns out I couldn’t wait to try NARS lip pencils- after a bit of research, I purchased the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. I’ve been looking for a new matte red that doesn’t dry out my lips or crumble after a couple hours of wear and I hope this one will do the trick!

Another lip product I want to try is a lipstick from the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids line. I love how pigmented the colors are. I feel like some bright colors can easily look garish against my skin, but I’ve seen swatches of these and I think they just might work for my skin tone! I’ve been searching for a pink lipstick for a while and based on the picture online, I think I might love this one. However, I won’t truly know how it looks until I can find it in a store and try it for myself.

Tell me: Are there any beauty products you’ve been loving lately? Also, let me know if you have any beauty blog recommendations!

  • My Seche Vite also got goopy! Boo! If you like the NARS pencil but want something more affordable, you may like the Revlon line that’s similar. It has great color without drying out.

    • Thanks Hope- I’ve got to add that to my list to try!

  • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

    That topcoat is my everything! Also, dying to try the NARS pencils!

    • Would love to know what you think of the NARS pencils if you do try them!

  • Jessica

    I am definitely trying to get more into beauty products but it is something I am definitely trying to learn more about. I have really been wanting to purchase a bold red lipstick soon. Red lipstick is something I have shied away from for such a long time.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • I know what you mean- red lipstick scared me for the longest time, but then I gave it a try and now I love it!

  • go for the vivids! they are so fun. and most drugstores will take back used beauty products if you tell them you didn’t like it. so definitely worth a try.

    • I bought two yesterday! I got On Fire Red and Vivid Rose- can’t wait to test them!

  • Eli

    Isn’t it funny how the older you get, the more interested you become in beauty products? I was the same way! Those Nars pencils look so good! But I’ve been having really good luck with the Revlon Just Bitten lip pencils too (and the price is right!)

    • Haha, yep, it’s definitely something I’ve noticed in the last couple of years! Are the Just Bitten pencils more of a lipstick texture or a stain?

      • Eli

        It’s kind of both. Lipstick texture but not too thick or matte, it still has a little bit of gloss!

        • I’m intrigued- thanks Eli, I have to check it out!

  • I want to try the NARS lip pencils, too, but as I currently have four red lipsticks in rotation I think it’s going to have to wait, haha. One of the reds I have is from the Maybelline line you mentioned. The color is great and it’s not drying, but it doesn’t last very long on me.

    • Is it called “On Fire Red?” That’s one of the ones I bought yesterday!

  • Katherine

    I have heard that the Revlon lip pencils are great too :) Or the revlon lip butters :)
    I like to watch beauty videos on youtube :) Dulcecandy87, Frmheadtotoe, Michelle Phan

    • Thanks for the recommendations Kat- I will look them up! :)

  • m
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