Rare Times in Times Square

Rare Times in Times Square 1

Blazer- Forever 21 // Scarf and Dress- H&M // Tights- American Eagle
Purse- Ruche // Boots- TJ Maxx via Lydia
(all photos above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

Rare Times in Times Square 3

Rare Times in Times Square 2

Rare Times in Times Square 4

Okay, so this title is a little misleading- nothing strange happened to us while we were in Times Square. I just wanted to call it “Rare Times” because I am so rarely in that area. I avoid Times Square like the plague because it’s always crowded/jam-packed. However, since we were nearby for the Kensie Jewelry preview, we decided we might as well take advantage of the backdrop for our pictures!

I love the pink blazer that I’m wearing! I scored it at Forever 21 on major sale ($5.50) and it makes a simple outfit feel more pulled together. I’m also wearing one of my favorite scarves- the colors are so pretty and anything with florals right now makes me so excited for spring. I know I’ve said this constantly lately, but I really cannot wait for spring to get here!


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  1. says

    I also generally avoid Times Square (though the Hilton is really nice) but I have to say it created the perfect back lighting to a night shoot. You look great, the clothes look great, and you pop off the background.