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As you guys know from this post, we’re finally starting to pull our living room together.  Now that we’ve got the painting out of the way, it’s time to make one of our first big purchases- a new couch. I know that I gravitate toward shapes that are a little more modern and have clean lines. Also, since our walls are now a lovely shade of blue, I’m thinking either a gray or dark blue couch would complement the walls very nicely. It’s hard to make a decision, but I know that when we finally do it will completely change the look of our living room!

Tell me: Where do you shop for furniture?


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    These are all nice choices but I especially love 2&4. I shop at estate sales most of the time (of course) but also at Restoration Hardware, HomeGoods, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm, a place we have on LI called Peter Andrews, Williams-Sonoma. Especially like the outlets of all of these stores when it comes to furniture. But, yeah, totally try a tag sale some time. There are lots of them popping up in the city nowadays.

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      I didn’t know most of those stores have outlets- thanks for the tip! I bet we might find something great at a tag sale, the only issue is transportation as it’s difficult to do certain things without a car!

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    I only shop for furniture at ridiculous places like Restoration Hardware. And then I go off to a corner and cry because it’s too expensive.

    Of course.

    I’m rather a fan of #4, but I love cushions like that. A fatal weakness.