Le Week-end // 04.26.13

Le-Week-end 04.26.13

Le-Week-end 04.26.13

// On Monday I tested out my new nonstick pan from West Elm and it was a dream. I’m never using my crappy old frying pan again! Ok, that’s probably an overstatement, but seriously, my new one is just 1,000x better. I tested this recipe and I’m pretty sure it was my first time trying turkey sausage. Originally, I was skeptical about turkey sausage and I’d planned to buy regular sausage instead, but my grocery store was out! I’m glad I tried the turkey sausage though, it was pretty delicious. I’m jumping on the turkey sausage bandwagon, but I draw the line at turkey bacon– I need my bacon to come from pigs, please.

// On Tuesday I spent nearly two hours trying to download this book from the library. After waiting for it for weeks, I was so excited to download it and start reading right away, but I couldn’t because of technical difficulties. Turns out there was a temporary block on my account since I’d moved and hadn’t updated my address; once they took it off, my problem was solved.

// I haven’t left the country since 2011 and that makes me pretty sad. In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through Bri of Designlovefest who shared her recaps of recent trips to Paris and Barcelona. I would love the opportunity to go back to Europe soon, but in the meantime a trip to different continent may be in the works for this summer!

// Last Sunday, my twitter feed was abuzz about an epic scene with Daenerys on Game of Thrones. When I finally caught up on Tuesday, I could see what all the hype was about! If you saw last week’s episode, I think you’ll appreciate this article from Buzzfeed as much as I did.

// Tonight’s the night- I’m going to see Solange perform in Brooklyn! If you couldn’t tell from this post and my tweets about it once a day, I’m pretty excited. I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Tell me: What are your weekend plans?


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    oh those nit-picky libraries! I couldn’t use my account online because my library card had expired three years ago, but I never knew because they still let me check books out the whole time!

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      Ha, wow, that’s a good story! I was happy they were able to fix it right away, but it’s only temporary- I still have to go in and submit an official change or something!

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    I totally relate to number 3. I haven’t traveled internationally in almost 2 years and I miss it so much! I want to go back to Italy, and I also want to travel to the other dozens of places on my list. Someday…

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! I’m sure the Solange performance is going to be incredible. Have fun!

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      Ahh, I traveled in Italy a bit a few years ago and it was so beautiful. Hopefully both of us will get to travel someday in the near future!

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    Oh my, I totally want to try that recipe – I think turkey sausage is a yummy, healthy substitute. I’ve been following Bri’s Paris trip too .. ah, one day. I love your blog and happy to be following! Have a wonderful weekend, Nnenna!! xoxo

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      Let me know what you think if you do try the recipe! Aww, thanks so much Victoria! I recently stumbled onto your blog and it’s just wonderful- I’m also following you :) Hope you had a great weekend!

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    Okay I’m done. Turkey bacon freaks me out, too… all those additives. And you know I won’t even use artificial sweeteners.