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Since I’m currently obsessed with Grace Coddington, I can’t help but love this illustration by Katie of Paperfashion. I really do hope she turns it into a print so I can buy it!

I stopped by Old Navy for a little impromptu shopping after work on Tuesday and walked away with this sweatshirt. It was too cute to pass up and I love the sentence on the front- it feels very me. Plus, with a coupon, it was under $16! After writing this post, it only took me six months to add a graphic sweatshirt to my closet!

How sick is this jacket? My roommate doesn’t like it and thinks it’s an odd cross between high school varsity and old lady florals, but I’m totally loving it. Unfortunately, the high price tag means I’ll just be admiring this jacket from afar.

This book has been recommended everywhere recently (on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Flavorwire to name a few) and the story definitely sounds interesting. While I’m waiting for The Fault in Our Stars to become available in the library, I might start this first.