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Have you guys heard of Rifle Paper Co? I’ve been a big fan of their illustrations and stationery for a while now. They recently released a line of iPhone cases and I love every single oneIf I weren’t waiting to upgrade my phone I would snatch one of these up immediately!

I stumbled across this little illustration on Pinterest and I love it. I’m still working on building the gallery wall above my bed, but I’ve also considered creating a separate collage of black-and-white images only. This print would fit in nicely there and it’s titled “Uniforme Français“- how perfect is that?

Pierre Hardy and NARS collaborated on a limited-edition makeup collection that is amazing. As always, I’m drawn to the nail polishes. The first set would be great for a dark, edgy manicure and the second set is absolutely spot-on for spring.

Statement necklaces are my go-to choice for making a casual outfit a little more dressy or for making tired old clothes seem a little fresher. I love the colors in this JewelMint necklace- so pretty and feminine.

Tell me: Which is your favorite?


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  1. thelovehanger says

    I’m so jealous of all the cool cases for iPhone!! It makes me wish I had one. :) The phone totally becomes an accessory in itself! <3


  2. says

    Those are some cute cases – I’m not ready to give up my 4, but i’m sure it will be inevitable soon enough, so I’m holding off buying any cases.

    • says

      I’m ready to give up my 4 (it’s still functioning but has some major issues) but I’m waiting for the next version of the iPhone to come out so I’m holding off too!

  3. says

    I’m always envious of fancy phone cases because I have a big bulky one that has three separate pieces since I get very clumsy with my phone. Love all of them but the black and gold case definitely is something I’d get