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Chambray All Day 1

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My friend Babe and I have been having fun scouting out cute spots to take pictures during our lunch break. This pretty apartment building is just a short walk away from where we work. While we were taking pictures, someone who actually lives in the building came by and I almost backed right into him! Luckily he was amused by what we were doing and didn’t seem to mind that we’d commandeered his doorway. When people passed by on the sidewalk, we would shout things like “The magazine is going to love this!” which of course is totally silly since there’s no magazine. However, it did make me laugh and feel a little more at ease- I still tense up when shooting in public!

I love this little chambray shirt. I picked it up for a steal a few years ago and I wear it all the time because it goes with everything. The arrowhead necklace is a recent purchase from Forever 21. I haven’t bought any new clothes recently, but I wanted to at least switch up my outfits with a few new accessories.

Oh boy, I don’t know how it is where you live, but the humidity has been out of control here recently! I put my hair into a braid this day just so that it wouldn’t look too crazy. Alex and I have been joking that soon we’re going to have to run around the city naked because it’s so hot (just kidding, of course).

One last little note: Happy Birthday to my youngest brother– the baby of the family and my little sweetheart.

Outfit Details: Shirt- H&M // Dress and Necklace- Forever 21 // Purse-Ruche // Shoes- Lucky Brand via TJ Maxx // Bow Ring- Amy O. Jewelry // Lips- Maybelline Color Whispers Berry Ready (all photos of me taken by my friend Babe- thanks lady!)

Summer Sandals



Piperlime is having an awesome sale on sandals right now and I couldn’t resist picking out my favorites! I’m in the market for a new summer shoe and I’m leaning towards something that’s a mix between flats and sandals (like the minty pair above).

Tell me: Which would you pick?

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Advice Please

Pro-Con-Urban Outfitters

Pro-Con-Urban Outfitters

How do you guys make the best of a less-than-ideal situation? Basically, I’ve signed up for a commitment and I can’t get out of it. It’s not at all a bad situation, which is why I feel silly complaining about it, but I have to be honest and say that I’m not thrilled about it. Usually when something is bothering me, I’ll ignore it until I can’t anymore, which isn’t really the best strategy. Right now, I have about two months to get used to the idea, so I’m trying to find the positive side. You guys are always so helpful and I’d love to get your advice on what you’d do in this situation!

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School Bus Yellow





The weather’s been pretty unpredictable lately, which makes it hard to decide what to wear in the morning. Wednesday started off pretty gloomy with the threat of thunderstorms in the clouds, but by the time I left work the sun had come out. Instead of the black cardigan I usually wear, that morning I reached for this sunny yellow striped cardigan. Also, I’m so pleased it’s now sandal weather- it gives me a chance to put on something other than the different boots I wore all winter long!

Does anyone have fun plans for Memorial Day weekend? At first I was thinking of taking a little weekend trip, but now I’ll most likely stay here in the city and just relax. I don’t mind though- I’m just happy to have one extra day off work!

Outfit Details: Cardigan- Forever 21 // Shirt- Charlotte Russe // Pants- Old Navy // Sandals- Payless // Kitty Ring- Oasap (all photos above taken by my friend Babe- thanks lady!)