Trenchcoat Mafia

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Trenchcoat Mafia 4

I’m wearing a lot of easy, comfortable pieces in this outfit that are definitely favorites in my closet. I love my striped StyleMint tee and I wish I had bought in red too before it was sold out. This trenchcoat has served me very well over the last few years and it’s perfect to throw on when it only seems like it’s warm outside.

On Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was 65 degrees, so my roommie suggested we go outside and enjoy the weather for a bit. When we were sitting directly in the sunlight, it felt amazing, but then the clouds would cover the sun or there would be a strong gust of wind and I’d be freezing! It was very hot and cold (haha). I did end up staying out for a little while with my current book, The Great Gatsby. It’s sort of like I’m enjoying the story for the first time, since it’s been ages since I last read it, although some of the details d0 feel familiar when I read them again.

Tell me: How was your weekend?

Outfit Details: Trenchcoat- Target (old, but this is similar) // Tee-StyleMint // Necklace and Earrings- Forever 21  // Purse- Ruche // Sunglasses- H&M // Shoes- MIA Shoes Bedazzle Loafers // Lips- Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Vivid Rose (all photos above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

  • Joyce Chen

    I love the cute stripe tee, this outfit is so classic! Love it:)

  • trenches were definitely meant for the spring – it’s always good when you’ve found your perfect trench. Love the striped tee as well!

    • Thanks Lydia! Yes, trenches are perfect for spring, especially on a rainy day like today.

  • Love the trench! Especially withe the stripes. I am not really liking this cool weather in may! I hope it warms up soon!

    • Thank you Victoria! I hope it warms up soon too- we’re having a particularly rainy/dreary day here today.

  • I have got to pick that book up again at some point. I’ve read it only twice, I think. Both back in high school, so I’m due for a reread :) LOVE the trench, Nnenna!

    • Thanks Laura! I just finished rereading it- now I feel prepared for the movie :)

  • Jennifer

    Super cute!

    xo Jennifer

  • Love your trench coat! The weather is so strange when it changes from hot to cold throughout the day. My weekend was busy but there was time for some fun, including see the new Ironman movie. I still like the first movie most but it was still good!

    • Thank you Jenmarie! I want to see the new Ironman movie too- maybe I’ll do a double feature this weekend.

  • LOVE the stripes with your trench coat! Looks so comfy but totally stylish. I still haven’t purchased from StyleMint yet – perhaps I’ll have to now after seeing your adorable top!

    • Thank you Gabi! I really do love this StyleMint tee and wear it all the time :)

  • Oh no… I forgot what I was going to say.

    Oh wait, I remembered! I found a super good place for us to take photos!

  • Mary

    Love the striped tee and trench coat. Such a cute classic look. :)