Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July Weekend Collage

This past weekend was glorious. I was off on Friday so I had a nice long four-day weekend with the perfect balance of time spent relaxing alone and hanging out with friends. Here are a few snapshots I took with my phone and my camera over the weekend!

Fourth of July Weekend Collage

Washing the strawberries and raspberries for the pie // I prepped my dough the night before // Adding the berry filling // Jam star cookies // I cut out stars to decorate the top of the pie (recipe) // What I wore // My Fourth of July manicure // Patriotic Empire State Building // Watching the fireworks on a rooftop

Tell me: How was your weekend?

  • Dora

    That pie looks awesome!


  • tracy

    My weekend was super busy and I now feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished. July 4th weekend is always my mother’s family’s big family reunion, complete with a memorial service on that side of my family’s cemetery. While all of the out of town guest and family activities were fun I feel tired now and like I didn’t get anything crossed off my to do list.

    I love your patriotic manicure. And the fireworks from the roof top look amazing. Was that pie as delicious as it looks?

    Tracy @

    • I know what you mean about family get-togethers- they can definitely be fun but they are also pretty exhausting! Hopefully this weekend will be a little quieter for you and you’ll have more time to work on your to do list :) The pie was pretty tasty- I wish I had made two!

  • got to love a nice long weekend! Your pie looks so tasty and festive!

    • Thank you Lydia! Long weekends are the best, but now I’m really struggling to get through this regular week!

  • Looks like a great weekend!

    • It was! I’m already itching for the weekend again- is it Friday yet? :)

  • Love the photos, especially your nails! Glad you had such a good time :) I worked the first part of the day but enjoyed the rest of the night with food and fireworks!

    • Thank you Jenmarie! Glad to hear you at least got to participate in some celebrations :D

  • Looks like you had so much fun! Love the pie, especially the stars!

    • Thanks Victoria! Stars are my fave and I felt they were especially appropriate for the fourth :)

  • Love the star-topped pie — and your manicure! My weekend was great, but went by way too fast!

    • Thank you Sarah! Agreed- weekends always go by way too fast!


    Such cute treats and love the mani!! I spent the 4th on the beach with my girl friends!

    • Thank you! That sounds perfect- I need to get myself to the beach some weekend soon!

  • Katherine

    That star pie looks gorgeous!! I had an awesome weekend too :) because it was a 3 day one~

    • Thanks Kat! Yay, glad you had a great weekend too! :)

  • Thanks Joyce! I’m very into sticking with the theme when it comes to holidays :)

  • OMG that pie looks awesome!!!!

  • Juan

    Actually, I’m jealous that you had such a nice weekend. But mine was good too. spending it with my family

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