I Can See It In Your Eyes



Preston or Percey (arrow graphics via vmac + cheese)

So my week has been off to a bit of a bumpy start. On Sunday my eyes were bothering me a little, but I assumed it was just my contacts acting up, so I swapped them out for my glasses and thought nothing more of it. On Monday, I noticed that my vision was little blurry as I walked to work and by the time I got to work twenty minutes later, my eyes were pretty irritated. I thought it was my contacts again, so I went to the bathroom, rinsed them and put them back in. Finally, when it clearly wasn’t getting any better, I went to talk to my boss and she encouraged me to visit the doctor immediately.

I left work and made an appointment with the eye doctor. While I was waiting, the irritation was getting worse and it was really difficult to keep the affected eye open. When the doc took a look, she told me I had a large scratch dead center on my cornea, which meant no contacts for me for a while, as well as some prescription eye drops. It’s been a couple days now and I’m happy to say that my eye is doing a lot better with the meds and rest from my contacts!

While I am bummed about being without my contacts for a while, this little incident did give me the push I needed to finally buy a new pair of glasses (My current glasses are from oh, maybe 6+ years ago? Not to mention that that prescription is no longer current!). I took a trip down to the Warby Parker flagship yesterday morning and tried on a bunch of frames. I’ve already ordered a pair and they’re on their way to me right now! I’m so excited to have a pair of glasses that I actually like and feel comfortable wearing outside the house.

Tell me: Which one would you choose?
(I’ve already made my decision but I’m so curious to see which pair you guys prefer!)

  • Oh my goodness! I’m glad you went when you did, that sounds like it was annoying and painful! Glad you’re doing better :) I’d probably choose the Perceys.

    • Thanks Jenmarie! It was only painful for about a day, but annoying for a few days!

  • Hope Shores

    Oh no! Sad to hear that you got new glasses under less-than-fun circumstances. Glad your eye is doing better!! I like both frames, but I have the Preston. I think both would be cute on you!

    • Thanks Hope! I liked both too, but in the end I went with the Preston :)

  • Jessica

    I am so sorry to hear about your eye. I hope it isn’t hurting and that it heals super quickly. I desperately need a new pair of glasses too. I always wear my contacts so my glasses are so old. I love both pairs you posted. I would likely get the Preston for myself.

    Tracy @ http://www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

    • Thank you Tracy! It doesn’t hurt anymore and I’m hoping to get the all-clear from the day. I did choose the Prestons :)

  • Bummer about having to give up your contacts for a bit, but it’s better you took care of the issue sooner than later.
    I love Preston!

    • Yes, true- so glad I followed my boss’s advice and went to see the doctor straight away!

  • Preston!!! They are so adorable!

    • Those are the ones I picked- can’t wait for them to get here!

  • I think… Preston. Percy are cool, but with them I’d want to have another pair that’s a bit more neutral.

    Wait.. did you do the photobooth?

    • Those were my thoughts exactly. I want these to be my new everyday pair of glasses, so I chose the Preston.

      No, I didn’t see the photobooth!