Purple All Over



Have I ever mentioned that I go through color phases with my clothes? My favorite color is blue and at one point I had a lot of blue clothing. Once I realized this, I wanted to diversify a bit, so I chose another color (I think it was pink). So my clothes go in cycles like that and these items were obtained during my purple phase!


I wore this purple-heavy outfit to work a few weeks ago, then to the opening of the Rebecca Minkoff Denim Pop-Up Shop after work. It was so hot that day and since the fabric of this dress is kind of thick (and since I was wearing a cardigan!), I was pretty much melting. Ahhh, summertime.


Outfit Details: Cardigan and Necklace- Forever 21 // Dress- Swapped (via Melissa) // Purse- Ruche // Sandals- Payless (all photos of me taken by Alex– thanks lady!)


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    This thing always eats my comments :( But as I was saying, I love purple, and this dress looks lovely on you. I use to dislike purple, I thought it too matronly, but lately all my favorite pieces are purple ?