As you’re reading this right now I’m probably on a bus to Boston! I’m so excited for this little getaway- it’s really the first trip that I’ve taken this summer. I haven’t planned any specific activities, but I’m not worried because I know the friend I’m visiting already has some ideas. I’ll only be there for the weekend, but let me know if you have any must see or must do Boston suggestions and maybe I’ll be able to fit them in. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • Nikki Odeluga

    Take pics!

    • I did! Now I just need to sort through and edit them :)

  • Hope Shores

    Have fun! I love Boston. There’s this really cool bowling alley called Sacco’s, and the pizza there is delicious!

    • Thanks Hope! I didn’t make it to Sacco’s this time, but I’m adding it to my list for next time :)

  • have a lovely time, Nnenna! one of my Bff’s lives there now, and I wanna visit her soon!

    • Thanks Laura- I had a great time!

  • can’t wait to see pictures from your trip!

    • I took lots! Hoping to post them here soon :)

  • Boston is a great city! Enjoy your little getaway!

  • m

    great city!!! have fun! i have so many friends there! i must get there soon too!


    • Thank you! I just got back and already want to plan another trip there soon!