NYFW Outfit Inspiration

NYFW Outfit Inspiration 1

I’m having a hard time believing that summer is winding down and that New York Fashion Week is already around the corner. September is looking like a busy month for me with NYFW and family/friends visiting at various times next month. I have a couple outfit ideas in mind for NYFW, but they’re not complete yet, so I thought I would turn to Pinterest again for outfit inspiration. Take a look at some pictures that are inspiring me below!

NYFW Outfit Inspiration 1

I love that this first look is made up of two closet staples- the little white dress and a black leather jacket. I happen to have both of these items, so all I would need to recreate that look is a killer pair of shoes. Hello lady in red on the right! The skirt makes a statement all on its own, but I’m also loving those burgundy lace-up shoes that’s she added to finish off the look.

NYFW Outfit Inspiration 2

I’m in love with that pink skirt- it’s the stuff of girly dreams. Also, Taylor Tomasi Hill can do no wrong, am I right? That floral dress she’s wearing is simply gorgeous and then she tops it off with a cropped leather jacket to add some edge.

NYFW Outfit Inspiration 3

Ahhh burgundy- probably my favorite color for fall. The look on the left is simple and classic. On the right, I’m loving her polka dot skirt and we know that polka dots are always a yes. Both of these girls look put-together yet totally comfortable- definitely one of the vibes I’m going for.

NYFW Outfit Inspiration 4

Umm, this girl on the left is the coolest with her leather jacket, leather crop top, bright red skirt and pointed flats. Will someone teach me how to look as cool as she does? On the right, I’m loving this all-white and anything-but-boring outfit. The pattern and the shape of the skirt is so pretty and and I’m loving her lace-up heels too!

Tell me: Which outfit is your favorite?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 (check out my Pinterest board to see the looks individually!)


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, so much great information! I am also not ready for it to be September. Holy cow, I move at the end of September and have so much to do before then :(

  2. Nikki Odeluga says

    Outfit #1: I MUST have those shoes.
    Outfit #4: Gorgeous. That waist….*sigh*.
    Outfit #8: For some reason I can’t get behind this. I’m not sure if it’s the skirt or the shoes.

    • says

      1. Yeah, those shoes are like $1,000 :O
      2. Agreed. *sigh*
      3. Hmm, I love both the skirt and the shoes! Although I don’t know that the skirt would work on me- I think you might have to be pretty tall to pull off that shape!