Shopping in Soho


shopping in soho

Have I mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with Soho? I love all of the great stores and boutiques in that neighborhood but hate the crowds. A couple of weeks ago I found myself down in Soho three days in a row for various reasons. The purchase at Sam Edelman was what prompted the temporary spending ban that I mentioned on twitter. I think it was well worth it though (in case you’re wondering, I bought these boots)!

Shopping in Soho 2

Outfit Details: Dress and Necklace- Forever 21 // Ring- c/o Kensie Jewelry // Sandals- Target (all photos of me taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

  • I love, love, love my Petty boots. They’re an investment, really :) The color of your dress looks gorgeous on you!

    • Thank you Sarah! I’m so excited I finally got the Petty boots- I definitely think they’ll be a worth investment :)

  • Hope Shores

    I’ve been wanting those boots for forever! Such a good purchase. I can’t figure out what color to choose. ;)

    • They’ve been on my wishlist for months and I was hesitant because of the suede, but as soon as they released them in black leather for fall I pounced!

  • Such a cute necklace! Love

    • Thank you- it was a good Forever 21 find :)

  • Those boots are well worth a shopping ban! I love the purple and silver together, very pretty.

    Kristina does the Internets

  • Yeah, SoHo is great… and not so great. I do like being able to stand in the street for photos, though!

    • Haha, I know you do! :)

  • No, you can’t deny that SoHo is a pretty great area, even if it does mean dealing with everyone else who loves SoHo too.

    • It’s true. I can deal with the crowds from time to time :)

  • brianne

    Great post! I love the necklace.

    Oh and I adore your blog and the name of it!! :D


    • Thank you so much Brianne! :)

  • I so need to go on a fun shopping trip! I absolutely love this dress on you, the color is stunning!

    • Thank you Jenmarie! Yes, I fully support a fun shopping trip for you! ;)