• http://caseemarie.com Casee Marie

    Yesss! This one’s absolutely on my wishlist. Her work is gorgeous!

    • http://twitter.com/sheblog Jenmarie

      As I was reading this post I thought “Oh! Casee would love this!” ;)

      • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

        Haha, yep, I also thought this would be right up her alley! :)

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Mine too! Her illustrations are just beautiful.

  • http://www.beflossy.com/ BeFlossy

    Literature and Art are two of my big loves as well and this book looks amazing! I’ll have to pick it up for sure! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      You’re welcome- I just had to share! :)

  • Louise

    These illustrations are beautiful, they’d be so perfect for framing to brighten up a room too! x


    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes- I’d love if they were also sold as prints as well!

  • Nikki Odeluga

    Yay, I need something to read!
    Now…do you know where I can buy time?

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Haha, I wish I knew!

  • Jessica

    I would love this book. I always imagine what the characters in my books look like. And I will admit that I am always very disappointed when they make a great book into a movie and the character doesn’t match how I imagined.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Oh, that’s so true! I feel like there’s always a lot of pressure when they turn a well-loved book into a movie (like The Hunger Games, etc.).

  • http://bourgiechronicles.blogspot.com/ Nikki M

    This sounds so cool!

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