Get the Look- Chelsea Boots

Get the Look- Chelsea Boots

Get the Look- Chelsea Boots

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This is not the first time you’ve heard me say it- the streets of New York are downright mean to shoes. I’ve given up on the idea of wearing any shoe with a substantial heel regularly, which means that I need to stock my closet with a couple pairs of chic, flat shoes that will get me through fall and winter. I’ve been leaning towards purchasing a pair of chelsea boots because I think it’s a style that I can wear with anything. Want some proof? Take a look at the inspiration looks that I pulled below!

Chelsea Boots Collage 1 Chelsea Boots Collage 2

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Tell me: Do you have a pair of chelsea boots? Which one above is your favorite? 

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady 1

Crazy Cat Lady 1

Before my roomie and I adopted our kitty Milton, I would say that I was just a cat lady. I thought cats were very cute/adorable, but I wasn’t obsessed. Somehow between then and now, I’ve become a crazy cat lady. Before, I would see something with a cat print on it and I would think, “Oh, that’s so cute!” Now I’m like, “ZOMG! I LOVE IT! I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!” That’s pretty much how I felt about this dress.

Crazy Cat Lady 2

Crazy Cat Lady 3

I am totally not surprised that this dress is popular in the blogging community (I think I’ve seen at least 3 other outfit posts with this dress). I wore this for my second day of NYFW. I was a little hesitant because I thought it was pretty likely that someone else would also show up in this dress, but in the end I decided to go for it. I love the fit-and-flare shape and it’s such a fun pattern that I don’t mind so much if everyone else has this dress too.

Crazy Cat Lady 4

Excuse the mess on top of my head- can you tell it was a little windy

Outfit Details: Jacket and Necklace- Forever 21 | Dress and Sunglasses- H&M | Shoes- BP ‘Trolley’ Ankle Boot from Nordstrom | Purse- borrowed from Alex | Lips- Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in #2 Flirty Kiss | photos- Delayed Missives

Tell me: Do you steer clear of clothing that lots of people own or does that not affect your purchasing decisions?

N and N in NYC


It’s always hard to get back into the routine after a vacation, right? Today’s my first day back at work after a lovely week-long staycation. My sister Nikki flew all the way from California to visit me so I decided to finally use some of my vacation days while she was here. It’s so funny to think about how we didn’t get along when we were kids versus how much we enjoy each other’s company now! For those of you with siblings, do you also feel that you got along better with your sibling(s) once you were older?

She’s been to NYC a couple of times before so she’d already crossed a few of the majorly touristy spots off her list. My goal was just to hang out with her and take her to some of my favorite places in the city. We also tried a few activities and visited places that were new to me. All in all, I think we had a pretty great week.


N and N in NYC Collage 1

On Wednesday we…went to The Met | walked around the Upper East Side | visited Maison Ladurée (It was my first time! The salted caramel was oh so yummy.) | hung out in Central Park | went to Shake Shack.


N and N in NYC Collage 2

On Thursday we…went shopping in Soho. The crowds are so much easier to manage on a random weekday in the middle of the day!


N and N in NYC Collage 3

On Friday we…woke up early so that I could get my new iPhone 5S at Best Buy (yah, my sister is such a trooper!) | had lunch at Grimaldi’s (another first-time for me) | did in a little shopping in the Herald Square area | went to Bryant Park | walked up to Rockefeller Plaza | acted silly inside the NBC Experience store | considered getting cupcakes at Magnolia but the lines were way too long.


N and N in NYC Collage 4

On Saturday we…went to Photoville (a really cool photography exhibit) | walked from one end of Brooklyn Bridge Park to the other | rode the ferry over to Williamsburg | walked around Smorgasburg and snagged some delicious eats | had a little gathering at my apartment with a few friends.


N and N in NYC Collage 5

On Sunday we…experienced the lunch buffet at Brick Lane ($10 for delicious Indian food is such a sweet deal!) | went back to Williasmburg to check out the Brooklyn Flea | stopped by Artists and Fleas too | met up with some family friends who are also visiting NYC this week.


N and N in NYC Collage 6

On Monday we…decided to have a bit of a day in and do some baking. We ended up trying two different apple pie recipes- a classic apple pie and an apple caramel crunch pie. Baking with my sister reminded me of when we were younger and would bake together often. Also, apple pie is my absolute favorite and it felt like the perfect way to welcome in the new season.

On Tuesday we…had a few more hours together, then sadly, I had to put her on a plane home. Thanks for coming to visit me, sis– hope we can continue this yearly tradition!