Too Much Thinking

too much thinking not enough doing

too much thinking not enough doing

I’ve always been a little too analytical. When I was in ballet class (a long, long time ago), my teacher would see me thinking about how to perfect each step of a combination and would tell me to stop thinking about it and just do it! You know, thinking will only take you so far and that’s something that I need to be reminded of from time to time. I tend to overthink things to the point where I’ve talked myself out of doing something before it even begun. This weekend, I’m going to try really hard to take action on some of the things that I’ve now been thinking about for a while. Even if it’s just a few little steps, some progress is better than no progress.

Tell me: What do you hope to accomplish this weekend?

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  • I can sooooo relate to this. I’ve always overanalyzed things but I’ve finally learned how to act before reaching that point. I still could use some work on it, but I’m getting there! I’m trying to become a weekend worker instead of pulling all these crazy all-nighters (like tonight will be, haha!) so wish me luck! Good luck o your weekend endeavors as well :)

    • Good luck- hope your all-nighter was successful! Ooof, I’m old- I can’t pull all-nighters anymore ;) Thank you- I did make a little bit of progress!

  • I definitely know how you feel! I have so many things I need to stop over thinking and just start doing. I know if I get started, they probably will just fall into place, somewhat easily. At least, that’s what I’m hoping!

    • I’m glad you know what I mean! Right- things can’t fall into place if you don’t do anything about it, so here’s to doing things! :)

  • I have the same problem!My martial arts teachers have caught me a few times trying to “think through” a technique vs. do it. :) I’ve taken up meditation this year, and one of the most intriguing things my meditation teacher said is that meditating is a way to get to know ourselves through our bodies vs. our mind/thoughts.

    • So interesting- thanks for sharing your thoughts Carrie. I was the same way with ballet- I was so in my head, but actually did a lot better when I just tried the movements with my body.

  • m

    SO glad we got to meet! Let’s meet over drinks soon!
    emailed you over a cool stylist conference that is coming up :)


    • I’m so glad we met too! And I got your email- thanks :)

  • Katherine

    This weekend I plan to chillax to the max :) Have a great weekend and hope you get to accomplish what you have been thinking about :)

    • Chillaxing to the max sounds perfect. Thanks Kat- I had a good weekend and I hope you did too!