Weekly Wishes 01.



In the spirit of taking action, I thought it would be fun to start listing a few small goals here on the blog each week. I’ve always found it helpful to make lists and this way you guys can hold me accountable!

This week I want to…

– make a hair appointment. It’s been far too long and my bangs are looking pretty crazy.

– take my camera out and practice taking pictures. I’ve had my DSLR for about two years and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do. It’s been a long-time goal of mine to better my photography skills and to do that I need to practice¬†a lot more.

– buy my plane ticket home for Christmas. I’m really excited about this one- I haven’t been back to CA yet this year and I’ve been missing my family. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I can’t wait to see my family in December.

– research nearby orchards. I wanted to go apple-picking last year, but never made it, and I still really, really want to go this year. Time for me to do some googling and see if I can make it happen this season.

Feel free to share any goals you may have this week in the comments below!

  • Amber Marie

    Hi there! I started Weekly Wishes this week, too. I am with you on practicing with the camera…I need to give some time to my DSLR as well. Also, I think I will look into some apple picking, myself! I hope you are successful with your goals :)

    • Hi Amber Marie- thanks so much for coming by and for the encouragement. Here’s hoping we both make progress on our goals this week!

  • Jenmarie

    This is a great idea and an exciting list! Christmas is my favorite holiday too! I got excited yesterday because the stores are beginning to put out their decorations (though very little) already!
    Oh, and just an fyi I’ll be returning from my little hiatus on the blog this week :)

    • Yay, another Christmas fan :) Good to know- I’ve been missing your posts!

  • Mary

    I also desperately need to make a hair appt this week. It’s gotten so so long and I have crazy roots going on!

    I like that you posted your weekly goals. Maybe I should try this and it will hold me more accountable? :)

    • Thanks Mary! I’m giving it a try to see if it will give me an extra push to tackle my goals. Hope you’re able to make your hair appointment! Mine is on Saturday and I can’t wait :)

  • Those sound like some great, attainable goals! Good luck!

    This week I would like to:
    Make plans to go out with some friends. Usually far too much time passes in between our get togethers.

    Spruce up my media kit and email some companies I’d like to work with on the blog. I’ve never done this and I’ve been super imitated by it and putting it off forever.

    • Thanks Lydia! I love the goals you set for this week. Oh gosh, I soooo need to work on my media kit too (aka, redo it completely). I’d be intimidated to email companies too, but hey, it’s worth a shot and you never know what could come of it!

  • OMG! we have very similar wishes this week :) I definitely need a new haircut! I’ve been practicing more with my DSLR trying to get better at taking and editing photos, and I really want to go apple picking! I went last near in the Berkshires which was beautiful! Let me know if you find any other great places near and around here :) Also, good to know you’re also from a warm state – I’m going home to Hawaii in November – so stoked! I always want to go back for Christmas, but A) the tickets are so dang expensive and B) did it for 2 years and I always always get stuck somewhere because of snow – no bueno! So I usually skip it and go home in November now :)

    • Nikki Odeluga

      That’s so smart! But Nnenna, I’ll kill you if you come home before I’m on break!

    • How cool (great minds think alike)! That’s awesome that you’ve been practicing more with your DSLR- I really like the pictures on your blog.
      And I will definitely let you know if I find out about any good apple picking places nearby :)

      That’s very smart for you to book your trip home in November so that you can get a better deal on tickets. I know December is more expensive, but I usually just suck it up- it would really really bum me out to miss Christmas with my family!

  • i love making goals. good luck! these sound super fun! :)

  • Nikki Odeluga

    Can I just say… you’re the best!
    I look forward to seeing your practice photos.
    And please buy your ticket. Together again!

    • Thanks sis- you’re the best! Your comments always make me happy :)

  • Learn Ruby! Ehhh yeah, don’t know about that one.

    And yeah, take that camera out again!

    • Haha, that one might take more than a week, but it’s so great that you’re working on it! That’s the plan- maybe we can have a photography date if you’re free this weekend?

  • Ohh, have so much fun practicing with your DSLR – it does wonders :) This week, I’d like to have some relaxation and spend time with my loved ones. I feel like I’m always on the go!

    • Definitely a good idea to relax and recharge- hope you have plenty of time to do so this weekend! xx

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