In Full Color

Placement Print Sheath Dress, London Times

Looking at these pictures reminds me that sadly the days for bare legs are quickly dwindling.  These were taken a few months ago, when the weather was still muggy and the leaves hadn’t changed color yet.

Mirror Print Dress, Bright Nail Polish

I love the pretty pattern and colors on this dress. I feel like summer is the perfect time to go crazy with all the bright colors in your wardrobe. Now that the weather is significantly cooler, I find that I’m drawn back to darker colors like black and navy. In fact, last week I wore three all-black (or nearly all-black) outfits in a row- that’s just what I was in the mood for.

aviator sunglasses, statement necklace

Tell me: Do you wear brighter or darker colors in the fall/winter?

Outfit Details: Cardigan- J. Crew via Alex // Placement Print Sheath Dress c/o London Times // Necklace- Forever 21 // Sunglasses- H&M // Flats- Swapped // photos- Delayed Missives

  • Oooh that pattern looks simply stunning on you!!
    Absolutely gorgeous

  • sartorialsidelines

    Wow, I love that dress! The colour are so beautiful.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  • Love the colors and funky pattern of this dress. And I am so with you on being sad about the dwindling time in which to go bare-legged. It’s tights and leggings season here in the Midwest. UGH – Katy

    • Thank you Katy! Aww, I’m sad it’s already so cold where you are- I heard there was snow too?!

  • I love the colorful dress!

  • I love the print of that dress, I’m wearing London Times today too! I would like to say that I still embrace color throughout the fall and winter, but I really do switch to wearing neutrals more often. and denim. lots of denim.

    • Thank you! Fun, I’m coming over to check out your London Times post :)