Weekly Wishes 04.

Let’s start with the good. I finally crossed off everything on this list, namely buying my plane ticket home for Christmas! I’ll be home for a little over a week and I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends around my favorite holiday. I also accomplished my goal of starting a new book last week. I read Reconstructing Amelia, based on Grace’s recommendation, and it was a quick and thrilling read. Now the bad: I still don’t know what I’m wearing to the wedding and I didn’t get around to trying anything new with my hair. It’s just the same old hairdo- I guess that goal will have to be ongoing!

This week I want to…

– get everything ready to go for Mexcio. Somehow I feel like this trip snuck up on me, even though I’ve been planning it for months. I still need to figure out what I’m going to pack, as well as make sure I have travel-sized bottles for everything since I’m only taking a carry-on.

– take lots and lots and lots of pictures in Mexico. Sometimes I’m camera-shy in the sense that I feel awkward about taking out my camera and snapping a few shots, but I’m going to try to shake those feelings off. Of course I want to be present in the moment, but I also want to have some pictures to remember what I know is going to be a really fun weekend. I never regret taking too many pictures (usually it’s that I didn’t take any pictures or that I took far too few), so this trip I’m going to try to take as many as I can.

– have fun and not worry. This seems like a silly thing to include, but I do need to remind myself of this. I’ve been thinking about the trip for so long and I’ve been anxious about being able to go, and now getting everything in order before I go. And I’m not terrified of flying or anything like that, but traveling can always be a little stressful. Once I get there though, it’s time for me to turn off my million-miles-a-minute brain and just relax.

Tell me: What are your goals for this week?

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  1. heather says

    TAKE ME TO MEXICO!!! Anyway I wish that’s what my bedroom looked like. I seriously need to clean and reorganize my apartment/life LOL


  2. says

    Happy birthday week to you too, my friend!! Sounds like you’ve got such fun in store! Mexico sounds like the perfect getaway and I hope you have the most amazing time there! So excited to see pictures! xo