Friday Link Love 02.

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Oh man, it has been a trying week. Has it been like that for anyone else? On the one hand, this season is wonderful-  for example, holiday parties galore (yay!). On the other hand, this season can drive you mad- deadlines and crazy busyness at work (boo!). I’m getting through it by focusing on the parts of this season I love, like fun winter activities and twinkle lights everywhere. Also, in less than a week I’ll be heading home to CA- I can’t wait for that! If you had a tough week like me, here are some interesting links to take your mind off things.

– I’m loving NPR’s Book Concierge– there are so many great books on this list. I’m thinking about doing a post on my favorite books from 2013- we’ll see if that actually happens!

Allison Janney continues to be the best (I’m thinking some West Wing viewing is in order this weekend).

Shonda Rhimes provides a little bit of insight on Scandal. I almost can’t handle this show. Did anyone else see last night’s mid-season finale?

– How do we feel about Instagram Direct?

– I loved this quote on Smita’s Instagram page- this is exactly how I feel about Christmas.

– Omg, these red velvet cookies look absolutely decadent.

– This is not a link, but I’d love to get your input on something- What is your favorite part about the holidays? If I get enough responses, I might share them in a post next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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