• http://iamchiconthecheap.com/ Lyddiegal

    That sounds like a very good weekend! The new boots are quite lovely and I agree they work well for everyday, really just a little flash of gold is so fun and would always make me smile, just like the hashtag necklace. Too cute!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thanks Lydia! The hashtag necklace makes me smile too- it’s so fun!

  • http://alwayswithyoo.blogspot.com/ Jane

    the cold cap boots are so neat! i had my nose in a book this weekend as well. i started gone girl and oh boy it’s so so good! gonna check out the goldfinch! thanks for the heads up!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      I loved Gone Girl- I’m thinking of rereading it before the movie comes out!

  • Jenmarie

    The FIRST thing I noticed was the little bit of gold on your boots! I love them! So glad you’re feeling better, dear :)

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thanks Jenmarie! :)

  • http://www.shendove.com/ ShenDove

    Love those metallic toe capped boots! They look great with your all-black outfit and gold jewelry.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Shenneth!

  • krystal/avillagetown.com

    perfect outfit :) glad you had a relaxing week!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Krystal :)

  • Allie Mackin

    That is great you are feeling better and that place sounds wonderful. And LOVE the gold cap toe.

    Allie of

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Allie! Rouge et Blanc was pretty delicious- I would go again!

  • http://rolalaloves.blogspot.com/ Rowena @ rolala loves

    The gold cap toes totally make those boots! Glad to hear you’re feeling better Nnenna. You’ve got me curious about that restaurant now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Rowena- I am glad I went for these boots!

  • http://cocoandmingo.com/ Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    You can never go wrong with all black! And I’m so in love with those gold tipped boots!! Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Nnenna!! xo

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thanks so much Jessica! Glad I’m finally feeling better too :) xx

  • http://simplyakshara.blogspot.com/ Akshara Vivekananthan

    Beyonce and Jay-Z were awesome at the Grammy’s! I loved it when they were dancing in the middle of the Daft Punk and Pharrell’s performance featuring Stevie Wonder. It’s nice to take a relaxing weekend and indulge in activities we enjoy doing. I’ve been meaning to jump into the Divergent series, and I really need to asap. Loving you black outfit, the gold touches add charm. Thumbs up for your blogger bling!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes- I wish the cameraman had cut to more scenes of Beyonce/Jay-Z dancing, instead of T. Swift dancing. I would love to hear what you think of Divergent if you do start the series!

      Thanks Akshara- now I totally want to collect more blogger bling!

  • http://www.modlychic.com Katy Rose

    Loving these boots with the gold toe. They are such a great little twist on the classic black boots. – Katy

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Katy!

  • Katrina Sophia

    glad you feel better. those gold cap toed boots are lush!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thank you Katrina Sophia!

  • ElleSees.blogspot.com

    love those boots! wowza! vavavoom!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Haha, thanks Elle! :)

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