In the Twenties

textured gray sweater, plaid shirt, forever 21 jeans, motorcycle boots, casual outfit

Ahh, long weekends are the best, aren’t they? It’s pretty exciting that I don’t have to go into work today. On Saturday I finally made it over to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. My friends and I have been meaning to go for months so I’m glad we finally made it! The exhibit was really interesting and also kind of intense. It was amazing to be able to see all the details up close from various haute couture and ready-to-wear collections

textured gray sweater, plaid shirt, triangle necklace, casual outfit

motorcycle boots, henry ferrara buckle rings boots, sturdy boots, black boots, hardcore boots

I’ve been needing a pair of sturdy boots that I can wear when the weather is nasty and I think these ones from Aeropostale may fit the bill. They’re kind of like my combat boots- I feel a little bit tougher when I wear them. I love the buckles on the side and they were a good shoe choice on a day when it was alternating between drizzle, light snow, mist, and sleet (ugh, gross, right?). Someone tell me- how many more days of winter are left?

textured gray sweater, plaid shirt, forever 21 jeans, motorcycle boots, casual outfit

Outfit Details: Solid Sweater, Long Sleeve Plaid Woven Shirt, Henry Ferrera Buckle Rings Boot c/o Aeropostale // Jeans and Necklace- Forever 21 // Bag- Just Fab // Lips- Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in #2 Flirty Kiss // photos- Delayed Missives

  • Love this outfit! You’re right, a good pair of sturdy boors is a must in the winter. The really sad thing about Chicago is I go through a pair a year, we just get so much slush and snow. I’m ready for spring!

    • Thank you Anni! Yeah, the winter weather really destroys my shoes too. I’m hoping these will at least last the season!

  • Jessica

    You look amazing. I love boots. I really need to start wearing them more often. Love your navy polish too.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Thanks so much Tracy :) I mostly wear boots only during the winter- my feet would get too cold otherwise!

  • Jenmarie

    You look darling! I really like your new boots too. I am hoping to find some myself!

  • Love the boots. They look comfortable with just enough edge to keep things a little on the rocker side. – Katy

  • Your boots look perfect for this winter weather we’ve been having lately. I’m looking forward to the end of winter too.

    • Thank you! So far they are serving me well. Counting down the days until spring begins!

  • Katherine

    I like the color of your nails with your necklace :) Great winter look

    • Thanks so much Kat! :)

  • Awesome boots! Great weekend outfit :)

  • Like 60 days, I think. It will go fast though, and soon you will be thinking “wait, wasn’t it just new years? How did a quarter of the year pass already?”

    But I’m sick of this cold, and this snow, and this grey. I would like a little (or a big) break from it. 50s and sunny would be nice.

    But see, you are just powering through it, no coat, sleeves pushed up, as you are a fashion blogger, and cold means nothing to us. (or so we would like the internet to believe).

    • Yes, 50s and sunny would be very nice. You’re right- in a few months I’ll forgot how cold I am now! Haha, I guess I am powering through, although on the day these pics were taken it was in the 40s I think- much warmer than it is now!