Friends Walking in PhillyRow of Flags PhiladelphiaPretty Alleyway PhiladelphiaYellow House PhiladelphiaMosiac in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania 6 PhiladelphiaMural PhiladelphiaCity Hall PhiladelphiaI had many more miscellaneous pictures that didn’t fit with my other two Philly posts, so I tried to narrow it down to a few of my favorites here. You already know that we had hot donuts + fried chicken that Saturday morning and then we walked around Center City for a bit. It was a gorgeous day out and we popped into several cute shops, including a stationery store called Paper on Pine, where I tried not to buy everything in sight.

Relaxing on a BenchBoulevard in PhiladelphiaFriends PhillyAfter wandering around for a bit, we went to 30th Street Station to pick up some more friends who were arriving. From there we went back to my friend’s house and prepared for her birthday party later that same night. On Sunday morning we got up for round two of the celebrations- a birthday brunch at a family friend’s house.

Brunch SpreadBirthday CakesMimosas BrunchI’ve been to this house once before and it’s so fabulous. Our hostess is an elderly lady with an eclectic sense of style who’s collected various works of art and displayed them all around her home. She prepared a delightful spread for us and we ended the afternoon by cutting the three (!!) cakes for the birthday girl. By then it was time for us to head back to NYC, so we said our goodbyes and drove to the bus stop. See you soon Philly!

Tell me: What was the last city you visited?

  • Jane

    that yellow building is the prettiest! i think the last city we visited was philadelphia last fall! we took a day trip over with piri :)

    • Nnenna

      I love how colorful Philly is- lots of colored doors and this bright yellow building! I bet Piri enjoyed that day trip! :)

  • Jenmarie

    I love those buildings (especially the colored ones). I don’t even remember the last city I visited. I don’t get out on vacations much.

    • Nnenna

      I don’t go on vacation very much either, so I was happy to be able to go on this little weekend getaway. I hope sometime soon we can both take nice, long, relaxing vacations!

  • Lyddiegal

    Looks like you really had an opportunity to take in all the sights, sounds and flavors of Philly. Must be a pretty special birthday to have three cakes!