Across the River

pleated skirt, colorblock skirt, sugarlips skirt, skirt with sneakers, pink cargo jacket This weekend I had my fastest and least stressful trip to Ikea ever. I had a wishlist of things I’d wanted for a while, but Ikea is kind of a pain to get to, so I’d been putting off the trip. However, it was gorgeous outside this weekend and I got my roommate to agree to go with me (such a good sport), so we made the trip to Ikea.

brooklyn, on the ferry, ikea ferry, bridge, view of brooklyn ikea, ikea nyc, ikea brooklyn, ikea red hook, ikea ferry On the weekends, there’s a free ferry service from Pier 11 in the Financial District to the dock right outside Ikea. I love riding the ferry when the weather’s warm, so it really made the trip to Ikea rather pleasant. Once inside, we were like machines, zooming through the store with a considerable amount of focus. I checked off every single item on my list (and grabbed a few unplanned items, of course) and all together we were inside for less than two hours. Now that may not hold the record for shortest Ikea trip ever, but considering it was the weekend and my previous experiences with Ikea, I’m feeling like this was an accomplishment.

financial district, on the ferry, ikea ferry, view of manhattan, tip of the islandFor our trip across the river*, I put on another easy, comfortable outfit. My black Everlane tee is so slouchy and comfy and I’m still loving my leopard sneaker slip-ons. It was warm enough for just a light jacket (ahhhh) so I wore my favorite spring jacket from H&M.

Outfit Details: Jacket and Sneakers- H&M // Tee- Everlane // Accordion Color Block Skirt c/o Sugarlips // Necklace- Forever 21 // Purse- Erin Satchel via Macy’s // photos 1, 4, 5- my roomie Kiet 

*And my hair is looking crazy because we’d just rode the ferry and the wind had whipped it into a frenzy. Probably should have done the pics beforehand- woops!