Brooklyn Food Festival

Polka-Dot-Button-Down-+-Jeans This was a fun-filled weekend- my good friend from high school came to visit me from Virginia. On Saturday we hopped on the L to go to Smorgasburg. It was my first time this season and I couldn’t wait to sample some of the delicious food there!

East-River-Park Of course I had to eat some of my favorites, donuts from Dough and hot dogs from Asia Dog. After we’d had our fill of food, we grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to a friend’s apartment nearby.

Pouring-Red-Wine The weather was quite nice, so we took our drinks and headed up to her rooftop. I’m so excited for warmer weather and more afternoons spent enjoying the sun on rooftops.

Friends-on-a-Rooftop Outfit Details: Jacket- H&M // Cardigan- Forever 21 // Shirt- J. Crew // High-Rise Jegging– American Eagle // Chelsea Flat– Payless // Purse- Erin Satchel via Macy’s // photos of me- my friend Siri


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  1. heather says

    I love Smorgasburg…I’ve only been to the one in Williamsburg once but my fiance and I frequent the one in Brooklyn Bridge Park since we can walk over there. One of the highlights of the summers in BK. Anyway you look adorable. I love the polka dotted top and the jacket. I came close to buy a jacket like yours from LOFT.


    • says

      The Williamsburg one is just one stop on the L for me, so that’s the one I usually go to :) I agree- I’m so it’s started up again this season.

      Thanks Heather- I actually was at LOFT on Sunday and I think I saw the jacket you’re talking about!

    • says

      Oh you should totally go! It happens every weekend until like October/November, I think. It’s in Williamsburg on Saturdays and Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sundays. Thanks Sara :)

  2. Jenmarie says

    There’s that cute jacket again! ;) I am glad you had a good weekend! I love the idea of roof tops, it must be amazing at night time.

    • says

      It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather on her rooftop. I don’t have access to a rooftop in my building so I’ll definitely have to take advantage of hers again :)

  3. gentri lee says

    What a fun day! I’m so excited about all the things to do here on the East Coast. Not that we don’t have stuff like this out West, but I feel like there is an abundance of things to do here. :) Love your outfit, you are stunning!

  4. Victoria says

    I love your outfit here !!! Its like a city festival vibe !!! Really cool it looks like a great day I think you did well not to eat and drink everything in sight as it sounds like it was amazing !!

    Rooftop bars are the best- ROLL ON SUMMER !!

    Victoria @ Alf & Emilio

  5. says

    Aw, fun! That reminds me of the Taste of Chicago, it’s a huge outdoor food festival the city puts on every summer. I went one year and it was mad crowded but a cool experience. Chicagoans have some very adventuous culinary inclinations. ;)