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favorite beauty youtube channels, beauty videos, favorite beauty youtubers, my favorite youtube channels, youtube channel beauty I remember when I became addicted to watching beauty videos on Youtube. Over the holidays last year, I was bored and browsing the internet. Normally when one of the blogs I read posts a video, I mark it to ‘read later’ because there’s more of a time commitment with video. Well, I had nothing to do that afternoon, so I decided to go back and watch a couple of videos I’d saved. Then I fell down the rabbit hole. Once I’d started, I just kept going and going for hours.

I’m still such a newb when it comes to makeup and beauty, so I feel like I can learn a lot from the tips and tricks that these ladies share. I was discussing my addiction with a friend recently and we swapped recommendations of beauty channels that we like to watch. Here are my favorite beauty youtubers at the moment:

Shirley B. Eniang: When I’m researching a new beauty product, I try searching for images of people with a similar skin color as mine and I don’t often find a lot of results. I love Shirley’s channel because she has darker skin like me, so I feel like I can really rely on her recommendations. Plus, she’s so gorgeous!

Essie Button: I think Estée has an awesome personality- she’s fun, engaging and approachable. Watching her videos kind of feels like I’m getting beauty recommendations from a friend.

Lily Pebbles: Another British beauty blogger that I like. I believe Lily focuses on more affordable makeup which is great because I know that the products she recommends won’t be super, crazy-expensive.

Lisa Aldridge: Lisa is a well-known makeup artist and it’s clear that she has tons of experience. She always seems so classy and elegant and I really enjoy watching her videos.

And here are a few other channels that I’ve checked out: Michelle PhanFleur de Force, Zoella, Miss Glamorazzi, Tanya Burr, Hello October, Rach Martino, and I Covet Thee. Looking at my list, I can see that I’m really into the British beauty bloggers. What can I say, I love a British accent! Are there any American beauty youtube channels that you think I should watch?

Tell me: Do you watch beauty videos? Who’s your favorite?

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  1. Jenmarie says

    Zoella is amazing!!!! So is Miss Glamorazzi, Tanya Burr, Elle Fowler and Blair Fowler. Oh, and of course Kandee Johnson. You can google any of their names and find their channels :)

  2. says

    Oh I’m addicted to watching Youtube beauty channels, is just so much fun and I learn a lot! Now that you mention it, I am subscribed to a lot of British beauty bloggers, I love the way they talk haha. I’ve been following all of these for a while now, Lisa is one of my favorites. I can recommend you Kayley Melissa, Lauren Curtis and for something different Goss Makeup Artist, he is awesome :)

  3. Allie Mackin says

    That Lily Pebble is pretty cool!! And love your look in the last post.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


  4. ElleSees.blogspot.com says

    my favorite is mine! tee hee. i am so bad about watching videos and it’s a forever resolution to be better about it!

  5. says

    I’m really not much of a YouTuber, to be honest, but years ago I was all about vintage and I loved LisaFreemontStreet and Candice Deville’s Super Kawaii Mama (she does great outfit posts on her blog, too!). I remember their hair tutorials specifically – Candice taught me how to do a beehive!