Pretty Pastel Jewelry

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Surprise, surprise- pastels for spring (just kidding- this is not surprising at all)! I’m so ready to shed the darker colors of winter for these softer colors. The great thing about the basics I purchased recently is that I could pop on one of these pastel pieces to instantly add a spring touch to my outfit.

Lilac Midi Ring (love the vintage feel) // Rydlove Bracelets // Chain Bracelets // Crochet Lace Earrings (I think these would be perfect for festival season) // Gold and Pink Bubble Necklace // Christie Flower Necklace // Pastel Pink Rhinestone Necklace (so girly and pretty) // Pastel Stone Drop Earrings // Ritz Rhapsody Necklace (How is this necklace only $30?! It’s stunning!) // Pyramid Stud Bangle // Double Chain Bracelet // Stud Set

Tell me: How are you transitioning your wardrobe for spring?


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  1. says

    So much good pastels!! I’m so obsessed with pretty pastels, but for some reason, I don’t wear enough of it! I think incorporating a pretty necklace, ring, or bracelet would fix this problem! Gorgeous picks, darling!! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend, friend!

    • says

      Thanks so much Jessica! I don’t wear a ton of pastels either, but I love the idea of bring those colors in with accessories :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. says

    so pretty! I’ve loved pastels lately and need to buy more jewelry to style my tops with. These are lovely picks. Have a great weekend girl :)


  3. Jenmarie says

    Ahhh! I just want to eat all this up, if that makes any sense? Pastels are so dreamy!