Throwback: Prom Edition

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Today I have a fun, different kind of post for you guys- a flashback to my high school days. I started this blog when I was a senior in college and I don’t think I’ve ever talked much about high school on the blog. I wanted to share what is still one of the most fun nights of my life- my junior prom in 2006.

I was pretty shy in high school (I think I still am, to some degree, but definitely less so), but luckily I had a best friend, Erica, who is so outgoing and social. She was also good at gently pushing me out of my shell and that’s usually when I had the most fun. In the spring of my junior year, we were so excited to go to prom together, along with our dates.

In typical girl fashion, I spent the entire day getting ready for the prom that night. When I’m getting ready to go out, I love to listen to music that will pump me up. Erica and I used to share music and make each other mix CDs (remember those!) all the time, so that day I listened to one of the CDs she’d made for me. Throughout the day we were texting each other for advice and just because we were generally excited!

That afternoon Erica and I met up with another friend (plus our dates) for pictures. Then we went to an Italian restaurant, where we were joined by more friends and their dates. Finally we all headed to the venue, which was a building on our county’s fairgrounds.

It was such a fun night. Prom was something I’d always looked forward to and just getting to experience that night surrounded by all of my friends was the best. We danced together, we goofed around, we took silly pictures and just generally had a blast. To this day, whenever I hear one of the songs that was played at my prom I get a little nostalgic because it reminds me of good times and good memories. Like any teenager, I definitely had my awkward and overdramatic moments in high school, but the moments I remember most were filled with good music, big laughs, and great friends.

If you want to listen to a high school throwback playlist* I created, I’ve embedded it below. Bet there’s some stuff there you haven’t heard in a while (anyone remember “Dance With Me” by 112?)! Also, if you’ve made any good playlists yourself recently, leave the link below. I always love to discover new music!

*That last song on the playlist is random, I know! I don’t know why, but my high school dances always ended with “Lady in Red.”

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