What I Read: March 2014

what i read in march, the goldfinch, the woman upstairs, maybe someday, the moon sisters

It’s a few days late, but today I’m sharing what I read in March. March was certainly a better month than February in terms of books, so let’s jump right in, shall we? (click the titles for links)

About- A boy that suffers a traumatic event at a young age and the way the consequences of that particular day affect the rest of his life.

Why I picked it– This was THE book to read earlier this year. I felt like everywhere I turned, someone would mention that they’d just started this book and I wanted to join in on the fun!

Grade A I’m a big fan of Donna Tartt’s writing. I loved The Secret History when I read it last year and I was looking forward to reading her latest work. This book isn’t short (it’s around 800 pages) and normally I would think twice about that kind of commitment, but I trust this author. She did not disappoint and I really enjoyed reading this book. Something terrible happens right off the bat and things don’t improve much throughout the book, yet somehow, I find her writing very comforting. I’d finish a chapter and release a little sigh of contentment because she has a very natural way of bringing sections to a close. The words flow along the page so effortlessly that you don’t really notice how long this is. I’m not sure I’m describing this properly or making much sense, but bottom line is- read this book! I would say this is my favorite read of 2014 so far.

About- A middle-aged woman who lives a quiet, ordinary life but wants more.

Why I picked it– It was recommended by a friend.

Grade B I mentioned in January that I started listening to the audiobook, but just did not like it (the audiobook format, not the book itself). I finally had the chance to download the ebook version from my library in March. At first I liked this book, but by the end I felt lukewarm. I remember when this book was first published there was a lot of talk about likable and unlikable characters. The narrator is an angry woman. She feels invisible and ignored and is desperate to break out of that mold. I didn’t feel like she was unlikable though- that wasn’t what bothered me. She spends a lot of the book talking about one particular family that had a big impact on her life. When I finished the book, I thought “That’s it? That’s all that happens?” I guess I just expected more; I didn’t quite feel how much they affected her.

About- In one day the main character’s life is completely turned upside down and she’s forced to rethink everything she’s known up to that point.

Why I picked it– I have a stack of galleys that I’ve received and this one looked like light reading.

Grade C? I’m not sure what to give this book. After The Goldfinch and The Woman Upstairs, I needed something simple and light. It is an easy read. At some points I was rolling my eyes, but there were also parts where I was drawn into the story. I guess I would say don’t expect too much from this book, but at the same time, it did serve its purpose for me.

About- Two sisters with opposite personalities have to come together after their mother dies suddenly.

Why I picked it– Another one from my stack of galleys- I was intrigued by this phrase on the back cover “almost-magical realism.”

Grade B The writing is very lovely in this book. One of the key elements in the story is that one of the sisters has synesthesia. I had to google this and see if it was a real thing! This character trait leads to some really great descriptions of things that she sees and hears. Also, I could relate to the idea of two sisters struggling to get along with each other. I remember that when I was younger, it was sometimes hard for me to believe that my siblings and I really had the same parents because we’re all so different. In particular, my sister and I are the closest in age, which means that she was the one that got on my nerves the most. We’ve become so much closer since I left for college though and it warms my heart to think how far we’ve come.

Tell me: What are you currently reading?

Disclaimer: Maybe Someday and The Moon Sisters were provided to me by the publisher for review purposes, but these are my honest thoughts and opinions about these books.


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  1. says

    Since you gave The Goldfinch an A, I added it to my “Want To Read” list. I’m not great with kids and traumatic events right now, though (I had a baby recently and my hormones are still a little whackadoodle), so I’m going to hold off for a little while. I’m reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane right now — just started, very excited to see where it goes :)

    • says

      Totally understandable! Yes, it’s not particularly light or uplifting, so I could see why you’d want to hold off. Congratulations on your baby by the way! :)

  2. Katrina Sophia says

    lovely reviews, thanks for sharing. the moon sisters sounds intriguing! i havent read for a while, i should soon. the last book i read was the gormenghast which was very good to read x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. Kodi says

    The Goldfinch and Maybe Someday are both on my list to read, I’ll have to see what I think of them. I know what you mean about a lighthearted read — sometimes you just need a sweet, simple story!