lightweight sweatshirts, how to style a sweatshirt, chic sweatshirts, graphic sweatshirts, sweatshirt summer As I was cleaning out my closet last weekend, I wondered if it was time to pack away all my sweaters for good. I did tuck away most of the heavier knits, but I left a few of the lightweight ones within easy reach. Boy am I glad I did, because this week we’ve experienced both summer and fall-like weather. Aside from keeping my lightweight long sleeves out for the fickle weather (Lydia described it perfectly), they’re good for cozying up at home or at night when the temperatures may drop. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I try really hard to resist these two lightweight sweatshirts.

I love the entire ‘Bien Fait’ collection from Madewell. I have the phone case and I’m still get sad that I didn’t snag the t-shirt version before it sold out everywhere (ask my sister– I’ll text her from time to time, lamenting the fact that I didn’t lock it down when I had the chance). I was thrilled when they created a new version of the sweatshirt for summer in crisp white cotton. The other sweatshirt I’m loving is the ‘Oui Mon Cheri’ sweatshirt from J. Crew. I’m starting to realize I have a thing for whites this season and you know I’m a sucker for a French phrase!

Look 1: Madewell Bien Fait Surfbreeze Sweatshirt, Zara Printed Trousers, Forever 21 Studs, H&M Sneakers
Look 2: J. Crew Oui Mon Cheri SweatshirtAmerican Eagle Denim ShortsTarget Mossimo Sandals, BaubleBar Crystal Tailfeather Collar

Lacy Summer Days

lace skirt, crochet skirt, gap essential v neck tee, gray tee, heart sneakers The second perk of a three-day weekend? The shorter work week that follows! For once the week seems to be moving along at a decent pace. I had a very chill, relaxing long weekend and I actually felt, dare I say, well-rested when I headed back to work yesterday. Leading up to the long weekend, I finally met up with Emily of Emily Makes and we grabbed margaritas at a place that’s quickly become my go-to happy hour spot- Benny’s Burritos in the West Village. I’m always a little nervous before meet-ups like this because it could be awkward, but happily I didn’t feel the least bit weird, Emily and I had no problems chatting, and it was the perfect precursor to the weekend.

On Friday we had our first summer Friday and I felt like a kid who was let of of school early. I took advantage of the half day to do some shopping and picked up a few summery pieces for my wardrobe (including the skirt I’m wearing here). Friday night brought an impromptu gathering of friends to celebrate my friend’s graduation from law school and Saturday afternoon I went to brunch at Westville East with my roomie and our friend who was visiting from DC.

lace skirt, crochet skirt, gap essential v neck tee, gray tee, heart sneakers I tweeted about the fact that I’ve been finding it hard to get dressed in the mornings (I’m just not feeling most things in my wardrobe), so I knew it was time for a wardrobe cleanout this weekend. When I purge my wardrobe, I always feel the need to get the clothes I’m getting rid of out of the way immediately. Sunday was cleanout day, so later that afternoon I headed to Goodwill to drop off a few bags of clothes in the donation pile. Then my roomie and I just wandered around the East Village for a bit and stumbled upon the new location of Insomnia Cookies. My roommate can confirm this- I was pretty excited when I saw the storefront and of course I had to get some of my favorite cookies.

Monday was a very chill day and honestly I did a whole lot of nothing. Well, that’s not 100% true- I did work on something different for the blog that will hopefully be ready to share soon. Other than that though- it was a lot of watching movies and tons of Youtube videos (my Youtube obsession continues!), as well as finishing one book and starting another.

lace skirt, crochet skirt, gap essential v neck tee, gray tee, heart sneakers Now that I’ve caught you guys up on my entire life, on to the outfit! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that one of my goals this year was to revamp my wardrobe, so I’ve been extra mindful of my clothing purchases this year and each season I’ve tried to create a type of capsule wardrobe with pieces that I can easily mix and match (I’ve found the blog Into Mind to be a very helpful resource).

When I was shopping on Friday, I found this skirt at Joe Fresh on sale for less than $15. I love the lacy detail and that the length is still appropriate for work. Initially I wanted to get this in a more neutral color, but thinking about how my seasonal wardrobe is mostly neutrals, I realized I did need to infuse some color. I’m weird in the sense that I usually like to hold onto new clothing items for a few weeks before I wear them, but contrary to my typical style, I whipped out this skirt the next day and wore it to brunch. You all know that my weekend style is pretty casual, so I just paired this with a soft gray tee, my favorite lightweight jacket, and sneakers. I love the color combination of pink and gray and I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself repeating this outfit for work someday very soon.

lace skirt, crochet skirt, gap essential v neck tee, gray tee, pink and gray outfit Outfit Details: Jacket- H&M // Essential Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee– Gap (now on sale) // Crochet Skirt– Joe Fresh // Sneakers and Necklace- Forever 21 // Purse- Fossil Erin Satchel via Macy’s // Lips- NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl // photos of me- my roomie Kiet

Now that I’ve talked your ears off, it’s time for you to fill me in on your lives!
Tell me: What was your last clothing purchase?